Sunday, February 18, 2007

Slideshows Rock!

Uhhh....ok...I'm really tired but I wanted to say thanks to Shyla and Jason for shooting with me tonight. It was my friends wedding and we had so much fun.

I took a different approach today and really didn't try and guide the day at all. After the wedding the bride was hanging out talking to people and then the Mom of the bride wanted some bigger family shots in the church and so I was like ok but then the sun went down and it was dark so we went out and did pictures at night which is so cool.

I really like just letting the day pan out and it forced me to be not just fall into my same routine because I had to adjust more to the situation and everyone was tripping out about the slideshow at the reception. One girl was yelling because she accidently bumped my computer and the show accidently shut off and she wouldn't shutup about how great the pictures were. lol... I was laughing and it was great for Jason to see because he hadn't seen a slideshow at a wedding but I'm sure he's a believer now! haha.

When I was in Atlanta I got some resistance to the on-site slideshow idea from people saying it wouldn't work with their clients in the south and their clients would kick them out of the wedding. I find that weird. I've shot weddings in the south and everyone has always loved the slideshow. Have any of you had success with slideshows in the south?

Click here for the Showit Web show featuring the new "Pre-loader" image and the "Re-size" feature! Enjoy!


Alison B. said...

i'm a believer in southern slideshows too!

i know there is hesitation in putting one up at a "high-end" event, because of the fear that it will detract from the event. but i have yet to experience that when a slideshow is displayed on a laptop in the corner of the room (near the bar, on a table, etc). people do crowd around it momentarily, but then they go back to the party. AND i have yet to have a couple who didn't GUSH over it. i did them hit or miss for a while, but after such great results, i am pushing myself to find the time and find a way to do them at EVERY wedding in 2007. i know it is the key to exceeding my clients expectations and also spreading the word for future referrals.

Daniel J. Watkins said...

slideshows have been phenomenal for my business. i've never had resistance from the bride and groom -- part of the reason is knowing how to "pitch" it to the b&g. i tell them that the slideshow allows your guests who weren't able to attend the ceremony the opportunity to see it...and, for everyone else to see all the fun that the wedding party has been having throughout the day.

one thing i've observed about slideshows is that they give the people who didn't bring their boogie shoes something to do after the dinner and formal stuff is done (i.e. the people who aren't in to dancing as much as the younger generation) typically these are the friends of the bride's and groom's parents -- most who have their own kids of marrying age. at almost all receptions i start getting "my daughter is getting married on..." inquiries from these friends of the parents.

ron said...

thumbs-up on the new controls

Adam R. Owens said...

I use slideshows at EVERY wedding I do, and the response is amazing, so easy to get your name out to hundreds of people, just by them watching a slideshow!

Holritz Photography said...

Slideshows work great in out little old town of Chattanooga!!! We actually don't even tell the b&g in most cases that we're going to do it, so it can be a really cool surprise for them!

I think for "high-end" weddings where the coordinator is so stuck up that she might get upset if you take away from "her" event, it would be good to have a chat about it before the event so everything is understood clearly.

It's all in how you approach things! I think you can easily paint a pretty picture for the coordinator explaining how "her" event would be made even more amazing by having images from the day playing in the background!

- Nathan

Stacy Cross said...

Austin, Texas folks love the slideshow! :)

DJ, I really love it when you post your pictures from your weddings - please do so more often! I ask myself all the time why we never get to see your stuff! ; )

Jacquie Van Tichelt said...

I think it is fear...for me the thing that holds me back can always be traced back to fear. Fear to change or do things differently - outside our comfort zone - maybe in this case.

I have to say I am SO thankful today I have no fear and a big open mind..thanks be to God! :-) And I am thankful to be exposed to people like you DJ, to remind me that yes this is where I need to be and should be. Seeing a positive outlook is re-affirming..thanks ;-)

Scarlett Lillian // Jacksonville Senior Photographer said...

No way, resistance? Southern brides love the slideshows! What bride doesn't want to see rockin' pictures of herself, southern or not?

Unknown said...

Slideshows are great....and I am truly a believer in them after checking it out last night. I even took a picture of all the people gushing over it! Thanks again DJ for the opportunity!

Dove Wedding Photography said...

I have had older photographers say that to me. I'm not sure if that is true for them or they just think it may be true. Many of the older photographers in Nashville have a traditional style and they shoot very traditional southern weddings.

We have found the slide show to be a hit! Even with the more traditional weddings we have photographed. I would guess those who say it is bad have never actually tried it.

I think it is easy to be used to how you have always done things, and not want to change... And I think this attitude can really hurt some wonderful photographers.

-Whitney Carlson

|| davidjay || said...

Sweet - stoked to hear you guys are venturing out and prospering as a result. I agree on the fear thing....and change I guess to....most people just don't want to change so they fight it and make excuses.

Rock on!

Sarah Barlow said...

I don't know who wouldn't love the slideshows!! They're the best part of the wedding!! LOL! :)

Great slideshow! Love the night time shots!!