Thursday, February 08, 2007


Thinking, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Santa Barbara is so amazing and i'm at one of my favorite secret spots right now because you can see the ocean and the mountains and the city. It's so beautiful and I think i'm going to move from downtown. Downtown is cool and it's fun to live there but I think I want more of a getaway type place to live and then maybe just go downtown to work.



Deyl said...

ha ha. i know where you are :)

MOVE UP TO THE MESA!! we've got ocean views, plus you can be close to us then we can retire in style

Jackie said...

It's nice to have a quiet place to go think every once in awhile. I have one of those too. It's like a mini vacation. A place to get your thoughts in line.

Dane Sanders said...

I thought Deyl already was retired ... you guys live the freakin' dream.

Hybrid Photography said...

I think I know where you are. I passed it on my way up to Pismo this afternoon for OSP West. (I made it up there in 4.5 hours from San Diego! hahaha)

You're right, SB is gorgeous. :)

kennykimdotcom said...

Hi David. Just wanted to introduce myself. Love to meet you someday. I think we have some mutual friend/photographers. God bless!

Jim Davis Hicks said...


my thoughts exactly!

the move to the country part. of course that's my feelings acting as a pilot, sell my house/studio, move to the country and buy something i pay cash for and only shoot to keep up on investments!!

maybe not.