Monday, February 19, 2007

The Best Days

The second wedding I shot was for a dentist by the name of Jeff Rohde. At the rehearsal the best man gave a toast and he said that the thing he appreciated the most about Jeff was that he always encouraged people to live in the best days of their life.

Isn't it tempting to say things like "Those were the good days" ...well it's ok to reminisce but I want to encourage all of you the same way that Jeff encouraged me - wherever you are in your life journey be living in the best days of your life...and if these aren't the best days of your life then make the commitment today to change the way you're living to make them the best.

You have the power to change what you're doing, change the way you're feeling and to even change who you are! So don't look around, don't compare yourself to anybody else, just look at your life and ask if it's what you want. If it is then do something today to make it even better and if it isn't then start making adjustments now!


Natalie Joy said...

SOOO true!
Great post!:)

FountainPhotography said...

Just what I needed to hear!

Sarah Barlow said...

My grandpa would always say "You only live this life once so go first class!!"

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photographers said...

I love how inspiring your posts are, DJ. I live for enlightenment, and I am a very spiritual person. It makes me so happy to have found an artistic group where a lot of the people here feel the same way. Thank you! :)

Keats Elliott Photography said...

I had the most amazing realization this weekend. I love that part of being in love that has you feel giddy... and I was sort of under the impression that it's too bad that that part doesn't last forever. But then, this weekend I realized that "I'm the one feeling that feeling...and that that giddy feeling has everything to do with the esteem and respect I hold for the person I am in love with... so it IS completely possible for that giddy feeling to last forever." Isn't that amazing :) Your post made me think about this.... and our own personal responsibility to be happy right now. It's a lot of responsiblity to take on... honestly - but I'm up for it... Bring it!

Jen E. said...

Thank you!! I TRY to remember this!