Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beautiful but Cold

When I hopped in the cab this morning Michael, the driver, said "It's beautiful - but it's cold." and he wasn't kidding. Wow! I actually like the cold weather a little bit and it reminded me of Paris because it was cold there too...I do wish I had a scarf though. Scarfs are kinda fun so I'm gonna pack a scarf the next time I go to a cold place.

Atlanta is a cool city and I wish I could stay all week because I have so many friends here or close by...but I have to get back to LA for a friends wedding this weekend. It will be fun...and then my parents come in for a quick visit and then I head out to Canada, Rhode Island and Chicago! I'm so excited! I've really missed my friends (and family ;) there.

Oh Yea...I saw a great question that Anne posed on the forum about what gifts a girl can give to a guy for Valentines day and so I was curious about both sides... What's the best thing a guy can give and what's the best thing a girl can give?

Thanks again to LaCour and Denis Reggie for the great week!


Mark Adams said...

It was great to have you visit and and share your insights with everyone at the workshop. Looking forward to seeing you again!

faithsalutes said...

Girls: endless gifts.
Guys: if you are married...anything eh-hem, sensual.

I am curious on this one too Deej.

Darlene said...

HI David

Are you going back in April? I'll be there!

Cold? Pish tosh I say. I just checked, Atlanta was 39f today (4c for us Canucks). Yesterday here in Edmonton is was -25c with a wickedly cold wind that made it feel like -35c (that's -31f for you guys in the US).

39 cold? I think not my friend! LOL.

Where are you going to in Canada? Maybe I can give you some things to see if I've been there.

Toronto Wedding&Portrait Photographer, Andreas. said...

Today in Toronto it is -29C. Come on up here if you think ATL is cold!

Shyla said...

Hey Deej... I'll knit you a hot pink scarf for Canada! ;)

Sarah Barlow said...

YAY!! Your Christmas present is still waiting under the tree..

OOPS!! maybe Hopefully it didn't get packed away with the decorations!;)
We'll have plenty of scarves waiting here for you one I think is even 10 ft long!

Raya Carlisle said...

I second faith. I got two bouquets of flowers & a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne - I was a happy girl : )

You can ask Forest what he got later....

Gary Fong, Author said...

Honestly, the best gift a girl can give a guy for valentine's day is a really good bj. That may sound harsh but you did ask.

Please write me: said...

When are you heading to the great White north? And where? I'm in the Toronto Area. Let us know. I'm sure you'll love Canada, though it is quite cold right here now.


Deyl said...

DJ, i think you just said "scarfs are really fun" publicly... whoa there big guy :)

Gary, i commend your honesty and your accuracy!

Toronto Wedding&Portrait Photographer, Andreas. said...

Gary, I just about spit my coffee on the keyboard when I read your post.