Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sorry for all you who tried to make orders or go on OSP tonight. I guess I shouldn't send out my newsletter to everyone at once because it keeps getting bigger and there is just over 4900 people on there so after I sent it this afternoon there was tons of people taking advantage of the good sales and even more on OSP and it maxed out the server.

The situation with forums and e-stores is they run off of server "resources" because it's possible that 1000's of requests are being made of the server at the same time from hundreds of different people and so it's super gnarly on the server and there really isn't much of a way to prepare for a big rush so I think I'll try and send my newsletters out to only 1000 people at a time next month.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and b/c of the max-out my email has also been stalled but it's starting to come in was kind of nice though because my dad saw that my site was down and so he called and I got to chat with him and mom and they are so busy I don't get to talk to them much so that was something good that came out of the server being down.



amynave said...

Good boy:) Gotta talk to Mom and Dad forsure:)

See everything happens for a reason:)

Unknown said...

Hey David, i've not received the last newsletter again. Not had the last two or threee delivered but when i try to resubscribe it tells me I am already registered. Could you checkit out please.


Liana said...

Riiiight ... "their so busy" ?? Or is it our jet-settin DJ is so busy? j/k

Glad we could be of assistance in connecting fam

c r y s t a l said...

DJ - you stud! Crashin' your own server! hahaha!

Glad you got to catch up with your parents. And glad everything's back up and running! ;)

Omigoodness! One week and a half!!! I'm counting down!!!!!!!! Whoopee!

OH, and thanks for the comment. really means a ton! You are too sweet!

Dustin Izatt said...

I'm glad it is back up, I was trying to reply to a post last night when it crashed and I was having OSP withdrawls. I must've hit the refresh button like 1500 times waiting for it to come back up, lol.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Carl - that's a bummer...maybe they're coming by boat? LOL..just kidding - it must be a spam blocker or something, what email address was registered? Either way I can forward you another copy.

Rock on!

Shyla said...

You should start utilizing all those glass bottles you have saved and start sending your newsletter via "message in a bottle style" ;)

Debbie Garon said...

Hello sir....How are you?!!?! Do me a favor...Check my blog real quick! I just posted a new one...It's called "I need your help" Thank you!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey there David J, there are better ways to get the newsletter system working. I have a system that sends out the mail out to each person individually, thus not crashing the system. We have people who use it to send out to 15 - 20000 at a time. I am sure that there are more of those out there.
You could also try constant contact or blue hornet for handling your mail outs.

Steve Devries