Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shy Show!

I'm so proud of my friend Shyla! She did a slideshow and experienced the amazing power these shows have!

A few weeks ago we were hanging out and she told me that she didn't do a slideshow at one of the weddings she shot and I nearly took her out back and flogged her because not doing a slideshow at a wedding is totally unacceptable!!! So she did one at this last wedding and already booked a wedding from it! These are her awesome shots and I bet she'll do slideshows EVERY TIME now! :)

Read the story on her blog! It's funny.



Anonymous said...

Aww!! Thats so awesome shy!!! Slideshows rock!
Great shots!!

JeffersonTodd said...

Shyla's the Best! I'm glad you taught her a lesson though! ;-)

amynave said...

Ya, I didn't show a slideshow at my last wedding either. SO, SHyla, don't tell DJ:) LOL

Good thing DJ's traveling everywhere in the United States, or he'd flogg me as well:) LOL

Shyla said...

Yes Deej... EVERY time! If not for the business or the elation of the bride, I'll show 'em for the sake of not incurring your wrath :) Honestly though, I think It may be addicting!

Don't worry Aims... your secret is safe with me ( and thousands of other people)... but we promise we wont tell DJ!...LOL


Sarah Barlow said...

YEAH!! Shyla is the bestest!!
I don't know what I would do if I didn't do slideshows at the weddings! I would probably be working at McDonalds or something.