Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Server Issues

Sorry about the slow and unusable server today. I'm on a limited shared account but I guess one of the other jokers did something that messed it all up. Anyways, here's a little video to entertain you in the meantime.

...Brett's driving is another reason I needed a massage...he must've learned from Sarah Barlow and Liana!

CLICK HERE for the video!



Hanagraphie said...

dude, brett!



amynave said...

I know a good chiropractor:)

Sarah Barlow said...

....no comment.

Jasmine said...

Heeey, Sarah and Liana aren't bad drivers!! They're just offensive drivers ;)

Sarah Renée said...

I'm so bummed 'cause there's no quicktime or flash on this computer!! I need to find one on this campus with it so I can watch these videos and slideshows again!

Liana said...

HEY! You're gonna get a booty-ninja-take-down when I get to LA. :P Then maybe Crystal will walk on your back and Ali can crack it to make u feel better.

I can't help it my GPS lies when it's by the airport. LOL. You know what I mean now that you've got one!