Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Barlows cheer me up!

I don't know how they do it but the Barlow's always cheer me up!

(*DJ being a cry baby*) Today we had a long flight back from Kona and when we got in the flight was 20 minutes late and then we ran to our next flight to SB and they had just closed up and wouldn't let us on...bummer...so we went to the Red Carpet Club to get booked on a flight for tomorrow and the lady at the desk gave me so much attitude I couldn't believe it...she actually made a face at me! Like a little kid!

I almost laughed but I was already bothered from her interrupting me and saying "You really couldn't make it to the gate in time." She made a face like this but without the glasses - it was so weird.

So anyway...they had to find us a room so they put us up in the Westin down the street and we'll be heading home tomorrow but when I checked in I checked Sarah Barlow's blog and saw this picture in her slideshow and it totally made my day all better!

Sorry for whining... :) Thanks for listening! I feel better.

p.s. Another thing that brought my spirits up was watching Gary Fong operate this big machine thing! Oh Wow!


blaine said...

aww bummer... no video of the little kid face? tell brett he needs to get on those moments! haha. ;-)

Shyla said...

You must not have shownn her your drivers liscense ;)

Deyl said...

lets hook up when you're back in town!!

|| davidjay || said...

haha...Brett only shoots video of himself now....

Brett Austin - Pro Golfer Video

You're right I didn't show her the Driver's License - shoot! :) Gotta remember that one!

Anonymous said...

Aww! thats awesome!! We LOVE cheering you up:)

Sarah Barlow said...

YEAH for the Barlow Cheerleading Squad!!
Glad you feel better now!
...although you DEFINITELY cheer us up too:)

Anonymous said...

I'm wiff da DEEJAY!!
I love you.

Anonymous said...

You should have made a worse face than hers right back at her!

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ! I caught two fish. but...my brother caught 6!
This cabin has air conditioning.
Also nice picture.
See ya soon!

Andrew Barlow said...

Dude, you must have not been working your normal charm... you know? The "brings out the flirt in you"???
Unless that face was her idea of flirting?! lol They probably think that stuff is attractive in some countries... lol

Erin Browne said...

I just about killed myself laughing at Gary's video.. OMG!