Sunday, August 27, 2006


I had the chance to work with Scott Corridan and his crew for the first time and they are incredible.

I've honestly never seen a wedding like this one and it was inspiring to see how they managed the day and I heard a saying once that there's no such thing as a perfect wedding but after today I must disagree.

...I would've added more pics to the show but I've gotta be up in a few hours for church and then I'm helping my buddy Dane shoot a wedding so it's double duty for me this weekend!

I'll post more pictures and talk more about today's experience on Monday...until then enjoy the show.



p.s. Most of the sweet shots were taking by Raya Carlisle.


Jessica C. Moritz said...

Oh, how cute is that last image of them when he is hugging her?! LOVE!!!

Sarah Barlow said...

WOW!! What an amazing wedding!!!!
Everything does look so perfect! Man to bad Scott Corridan can't do every wedding!!!

amynave said...

So gorgeous, and the couple look super relaxed and so fun to shoot:) Couple shots grabbed my attention forsure:)

c r y s t a l said...

Wow! Amazing wedding! Loved all those details. Fabulous work as always, DJ!

|| davidjay || said...

Most of the details were Raya! :) She's amazing!

J@KE said...

Good stuff! I love our job!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Everything is totally GORGEOUS!!!!

Sarah Renée said...

Ohhh! That's beautiful!!