Saturday, August 05, 2006

At Home

Well I flew home today and I get to stay in my own bed for two nights which is super nice...but I kinda miss being out and meeting new people each night. That's really weird for me to say but the past two weeks were amazing and I'm excited to head out again on Monday. Joanne Bartone took the cool shot above in Pittsburgh.

Yesterday I got to spend the day in Tennessee and the Holritz's took me out for sushi which is my favorite! :) ...and Alison Bynum gave me my very own TN Pug shirt! Yea! ...and there are some more cool pics on her blog

...and I just got to hang with Tim Halberg who's doing some sweet stuff and I'm stoked because he's totally thinking about his business in the right way and constantly looking for and finding ways to create more freedom for his life.


amynave said...

Ya, I never thought I would hear you say that your excited about heading out again, but that's awesome:)

Your never home so I think you might have to make that sign that we always joke about:)

Sarah Renée said...

Hmm...perhaps the extraverted side of DJ is shining through?? :)

|| davidjay || said...

:) girls are funny...I think I'm 45% introvert and 35% extrovert...and 20% something else...

Holritz Photography said...

Awesome to get to hang out for a little while! Let's do sushi again next month!

- Nathan

Anonymous said...

DJ.. now you need to come home to your second home!!
we're missing you!!
we'll take you out for pad thai:)

Alison B. said...

thank you for sharing a little bit of YOU with us. you rock! AB

Anonymous said...

Dude, you think sushi is good in Tennessee.... !

Then wait till you come to Vancouver Canada where fish grow off trees !

Seriously...if you are ever in my neck of the woods...I will take you to sushi places that will make you want to move to Canada !