Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Windy City

As you can see "The Windy City" lived up to its name and we almost lost Mark one evening but he held on until the winds died down! Phewwww! John and Natalie were using their Ninja "rooting" skills that I taught them so that's why they were unaffected by the winds but Mark was playing "Brick Breaker" on my phone during that lesson.

I'm in the Chicago airport right now getting ready to catch my flight back to SB and I just can't stop thinking about and thanking God for the people he's put in my life - especially the Barlows! The last couple of days they opened up their wonderful home to me while I was in town to go to the Maximum Impact conference but I think the real reason I was here was for them to open up my heart and my spirit to a new way of talking to God and listening for what He has planned in my life. I'm very excited!

I'm also very excited to get home and have a good stretch of time to get caught up on everything including emails! Yea! :)

Missy and Gary are in town and we're gonna be celebrating Missy and Amy's birthday! Amy's birthday is actually today!!! Happy Birthday Amy Nave! You're no longer a teenager!!! Woohoo! So awesome! :)

Ok..gotta fly!


amynave said...

Oh I LOVE the Barlow family. Sarah I hope it works out for me to come visit in September:)

So DJ, does this mean I'm not a baby any more. waaahooo!!!!

Kevin Von Qualen said...

awesome hanging out again DJ! thanks for having me with you guys....conference was AWESOME!

mark said...

i'm so glad i was finally able to meet you on one of your visits to the area.
it was great hanging out, next time we should try foosball one on one.
i only caught the tail end of the friday night conversation, but i'm really excited to see where God takes you.
enjoy the home time.

Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

DJ, thanks for coming to Chicago & thanks for helping me get my blog up. I put up my first real post. Let me know what you think.
God bless

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That Ninja rooting lesson was amazing!! :) lol
Happy birthday Amy!! Hope you had an awesome time!!

Sarah Barlow said...

Sooo increcible having you here!!!
I'm so excited for what God's plans are for you!
Miss you!! hehe!!;)

J@KE said...

SOOOOOOOO disappointed that I didn't get to hang with you more; but I'm totally glad I got the little time that I did. Thanks for letting me hang out with you. I had a blast and I can't wait 'till you can come in again. Hopefully I won't have to get up at 3am next time. haha!

U Rock DJ,