Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ooops :)

I guess the PartnerCon website I posted yesterday was not supposed to be released yet and my post caused a lot of people to try and register and Pictage wasn't intending to take registrations yet so please DO NOT try and register or contact Pictage about PartnerCon - they will have the site up shortly.


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regina holder said...

I got the official email today and registered right away. I cast my votes for both of your topics. I talked to you briefly in Atlanta and have really grown my business in the last 2 months. I'm in a little small town west of Asheville, NC and just didn't think it was possible to make $3,000+ for a wedding. I went back to ATL for Denis' workshop and then came home ready to go digital. Using your slideshow program has been the best thing ever. I did one for a film wedding off the scans, she sent it to everyone, went on the knot message boards and put a rave. I had phone calls before I even got home!!! That bride hired me for over $1,000 more than I have ever made and I have booked 2 more since. I am glad that just seeing your website inspired me to go to the ATL Pictage Partner Con and now I am off to LA!