Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pastor Joe

Last weekend I was out in Chicago for the Maximum Impact conference and while I was there I got to stay with the Barlows and every time I'm around them I just feel so blessed and so I was like dude (Pastor Joe) you totally need a blog! ...I didn't think he'd actually do one because I've been telling my pastor here in SB to get one forever and he's so slow on that stuff but Pastor Joe was like let's do it now! Ya see usually churches, government agencies, and academics move like slower than molasses but not Pastor Joe - he was wicked fast and I've been checking his blog every day because he always posts words of encouragement and devotionals and inspires me every day!

*** CLICK HERE *** to be encouraged.

It's so cool to wake up and hear something new....oh yea and special props to Andrew Barlow who owns Barlow Computers for doing the killer custom work so Pastor Joe's blog doesn't lag on the creative side. Andrew was super fast in doing the photoshop and custom html coding.


Sarah Barlow said...

And David Jay of David Jay Phototgraphy for doing killer photoshop work!;) hehe!

Great post! I'm going to have to check out this Pastor Joe!

J@KE said...

Yah I hear he's a great guy. Thanks for lettin' us know about him. lol.


Andrew Barlow said...

You know what??? I think I have heard of him before!!! umm... let me think... oh yeah! He's my Dad!!! lol
Yeah, totally check out the blog!!! You will be amazingly blessed!!!

Jocelyn said...

Hey David, We haven't met but I am Jim and Lara Hicks' friend. They gave me your blog site to check out. I felt compelled to write a note of thanks for posting the link to Pastor Joe's blog. What an amazing gift he has of providing wisdom and encouragement. A number of the posts have struck a few nerves and have provided inspiration to continue to walk in faith and trust in the Lord. I've added his site to "my favorites."

john prado said...

I like pastor Barlow... he sounds like one cool cat. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading his blog.