Saturday, May 27, 2006

Showit Web Success!

I LOVE THIS! Hearing success stories from people who took control of their business is so encouraging! Regina Holder is a wonderful photographer that I met in Atlanta this year and she immediately started applying the Word-of-Mouth and "Word-of-Mouse" techniques that I talked about and it had an immediate impact on her business!

***Click here*** and read the post on her blog from the bride.

...and then she made a nice post about me and what's funny is that the slideshow I put online 2 years ago wasn't even for a friend - it was just a random client but he still passed it around and I'm shooting a wedding today that came directly from that slideshow!

The power of these slideshows is so incredible and they really can take your business to a new level!

:) Happy Shooting!


mike Carpenter said...

Is show it web a download or a disc you send? I will be buying it soon. I am shooting a wedding in Hawaii next weekend but I don't have a laptop to show it on. I hope to get it right when I get back and send the slide show right off.

|| davidjay || said...

Hey Mike :)

Have a blast in Hawaii!

Showit Web is an instant download and you can downloaded a fully workable demo copy anytime at


Adam Nollmeyer said...

Maybe DJ forgot to pay his hosting bill??? lol.

I received a spam email which looked like it was spoofed from OSP. They wanted me to click on a link to an .exe file so it looked like a virus or phishing.<

Maybe someone reported it and they thought that it was really from OSP?!?!?!?

Andrew Barlow said...

Yeah Adam... I got the same email. I opened it in a "controlled" environment and it contained at least 10 viruses... (trojan downloaders, keystroke recorders, clickers, proxys, and a bunch more.
So if anyone gets an email with the subject "Surprise from administration! :) ( OpenSourcePhoto )" or from "" Do not open it or click on any link in it!

Its kinda weird how it coincided with OSP and going down though...

Andrew Barlow said...

The email is not actually from opensourcephoto It is from so again...
Don't open any new emails that look suspicious.

Unknown said...

About the Showit Web Show. I absolutely love it and apparently so did my bride who raved about it so much to me yesterday at her wedding. She wants me to burn it on DVD for her. Is that an option??
So sorry to hear about your horrible day and the site being down. I so want to participate but haven't had a chance to be full time poster yet. Maybe in a few months. But still feels horrible to think it is not accessible right now. Hope things get better for you.