Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Closing and Cleaning

We're gonna close up the forum for a bit to find the code that is causing the bad script to launch and as soon as we do we will open up a new - safe - secure OSP.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the PUG group tonight!

...and my apologies if you've sent me an email in the last week because my laptop has been down and with OSP going down as well I've been a bit out of the loop with people but I'm excited to catchup soon!



Anonymous said...

Wow I was on Marks computer today and tried to log and BAM! virus after virus popped up!!! The virus protection we have I guess worked...but it is dogging a bit.
Oh I do hope you get it worked out!

amynave said...

That was an awesome Pug meeting tonight:) Ok I seriously need to on the road. LOL......

By the way, my internet is running super slow as well. It must be an SB thing:)

|| davidjay || said...

Yea...tonight was awesome! I was so encouraged by everyone's passion and focus on developing their business to serve their life!

Jasmine said...

Sounds like I need to move to Santa Barbara!!