Monday, May 08, 2006


One of the awesome things about friends is that they can remind us of who we really are - and just the other day my friend Sarah Barlow reminded me that I am a dork...and I used to try and hide that but now I'm ok with it.

Anyway, now that that's outta the way, we have been having such a blast in Santa Barbara! ...and it's so funny because I love SB so much but I love it even more when my friends come into town b/c then I get to do all the fun tourist stuff and yesterday we did something I had never done before - ride on those crazy bikes

It was a blast and as you can see here we had Leonardo hanging off the front screaming "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!"

and we were all on top of the world until we broke the bike and had to carry it like 7 miles back to the shop.


amynave said...

DJ, we only had to carry the bike 1/2 a mile.... By the way, you 've been ok with being a dork for a while now. LOL.....:)

Shyla said...

LOL... You guys are too funny!A 1/2 mile to Aims is 7 miles to DJ and 15 miles to Becker!
We really only carried the bike less than two blocks ;)
Oh, and you forgot to mention HOW the bike made it sound so "accidental"!!

|| davidjay || said...

Yea Shyla!!! How was your final today! You're such a champ to hangout all night and then blast to OC for your test! Wow!

Sarah Barlow said...

Your welcome!! Any time!!

How did you try to hide it??
Hehe!!! Well..your the coolest dork I've ever met;)

ahh!! Why can't I come up with a good comeback!!??

Shyla said...

I got an A!!!
Can I come back now?!??

|| davidjay || said...

YEA GIRL! Come back up! We're doing more birthday celebration tonight at Janeys! Come on over! Me and Gary just beat Amy and Janey at tennis - it was a close match but we prevailed! Gary is really good.

bryanthomson said...

You guys are tooo lucky. I was stuck in-doors doing homework and preparing final portfolio for SBCC all Sunday day. I can't wait for the semester to be over so I can go out and actually have a summer and shoot like crazy. Was there a lot of people getting off the cruise ship?

Shyla said...

Hehe...TRUST me I would if I could but I have to be responsible and study for another final tomorrow morning...then ANOTHER one on Wednesday! PLus I havent slept yet so it wouldnt be smart :(
Funny, I was just going to message you to see if you slaughtered in tennis but you already answered that question! Well Done Gentleman!! :)