Thursday, May 11, 2006

P3 - Me! :)

I'm sooooo amped about Pictage's new P3 credit card processing! This is like a serious answer to prayer because I hate collecting money from people - I hate it - I hate it - I hate it...but now I'm gonna run every wedding this way and my couples are gonna be stoked b/c they always ask "Do you take credit cards and I always hated saying "no" but now I can accept them without it costing me anything and I can spread out the payments for a year after the wedding so the B&G doesn't have to pay it all beforehand!

This is absolutely awesome! It took me under 10 minutes to setup my Packages on their system.

So if you wanna book me or just read what some of my past couples have said about me just ***CLICK HERE*** and type in dj003 for the Studio ID and you don't need a password or anything - so cool!

Pictage - YOU ROCK!


JeffersonTodd said...

No joke man!! I'm already setting it up for a couple that is booking me for next year! P3 Rocks!

Michael Juiliano said...

i'm setting mine up as we speak. just took a break and wandered over here to read about it. this is going to be great!

Jeff LaPlante said...

Totally! I just set it up and sent it out to two different couples for payment. P3 definitely rocks!

-Jeff LaPlante

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh!! I can't wait to sign up!!! This is great!!:)

bryanthomson said...

Nice!!!!! I was wondering what this system was about, but now I'm in love with it.