Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Resorting to Backup

My friends at Bliksem have been trying to find a needle in a hay stack for the past three days but it's impossible so we're gonna have to go to the last resort which is to apply a backup from late last week. My web host takes 3 backups a week so it'll be a pretty recent one but you'll notice some missing posts. The good news is that it should be all solved today! Thanks for your patience through all of this and I've definitely missed you guys while I've been dealing with the chaos! I'll post here when it's up and ready to rock!



Ramiro said...

Hi David,

Hey, I am a member of OSP and I also have a Blogger blog. I am in the process of creating a website for my business, but I would like to have the site and the blog with the same theme. How were you able to get your blog theme (template) to be the same as the forum's theme? Thanx for your help and inputs.

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ, sorry to see you are having to go through all this hassel. It really shows what a great person that you are put up with this sort of thing in order to keep OSP going. Lots of people would have already bailed out.
I, like many others here, come daily for inspiration and new ideas. Thank you for all that you do. Look me up if you are passing through SLO or Paso Robles.
Colin Michael

Eddie Scheffer said...

its funny to see a provider with
the name bliksem, do you know what it means david? give uou a hint.......its dutch..:)

Colleen Donovan said...

Woo HOO!! I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... :) thanks for being persistent!

craig said...

looking forward to the look of OSP.

Hackers are bad, backups are good.

Anonymous said...

is anyone else having withdrawls? :)

Sarah Barlow said...

I am...but getting ALOT done:) Hehe!!

Amy DeYoung said...

I miss OSP - Thanks for being so persistent DJ!! I could really use some OSP photoshop knowledge :) Looking forward to the return!

Eddie Scheffer said...

he matt ah well as soon as i see something dutchie i go yeahhhh,
why i thinks its funny because its a hostingprovider, computers and all that stuff, bliksem dosn't go well with that..:)

well at least you met my weird sense of humor..:)