Monday, May 08, 2006

Maximum Impact

Last week I was out in Chicago for the Maximum Impact conference and it was absolutely incredible! I think I'll be thinking about what the speakers said for the rest of my life and one of the things that was said is so simple and yet I think it hit me the most because of how true it's been in my own life.

"A word or a sentence can change a life." - Don Soderquist (Former Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart)

I bet we can all think back to a time when somebody's words effected us for good or for bad - isn't it amazing how powerful our words are!

Here's a fun little video from the trip and each time I go somewhere I learn something new about traveling. This trip didn't feel like "traveling" at all and there are several little things you can do when flying places that will make it way more comfortable and relaxed. One thing I do is have my airline call me two hours before every flight (wake up call here in SB - it's great) and I receive an email an hour or so before every flight telling me if there are any changes to the schedule and what gate I'm going to be boarding at. The reason the gate info is so helpful is because now I never have to look at those crazy boards anymore. So if I have to change planes, which I usually do b/c Santa Barbara only flys to certain places, as soon as I land I check my blackberry and know where I'm headed before I even get off the plane. :) ...more tips to come!


Jim Davis Hicks said...

When I was in 7th grade a teacher told me after taking a chance and answering something I wasn't certain about "Hicks, sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder how stupid you are than to open it up and remove all doubt." This labled me as stupid and I believed it for years. Years later I went on to graduate at the top of my class in a 2 year seminary. But it took years for me to believe I wasn't stupid.

Then a friend that I respected in the photo industry said "Your gonna be one of the best photographers in our city." I believed him, prayed about it and committed myself to doing my business with excellence and it's come to pass. But, it took him saying it to me and speaking the truth over me to get past my insecurities of what I "didn't know." Now I realize that not knowing can sometimes be a blessing.

Great words on your post.


Andrew Barlow said...
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Sarah Barlow said...

Aww!! Awesome video!!!
Incredible quote too! How did I miss that??? Wow!!

Sara France Photography said...

I want to hear more about the seminar!! That sounds like it was amazing!!