Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Catching up

Well I just got my MacBook Pro back from the shop and I'm very excited to have it because before I wrecked it I had just transitioned all my communication stuff onto this computer and that's a huge part of what I do and so I desperately need to get on it. I have a pretty good system setup but I'm gonna be typing like mad for the rest of this week to catchup the mail that came in last week because I know I'll get backed up again while I'm in Canada.

As you can see I have lots of people to respond to so if I'm sorry if there's an email in here from you and I have been lagging. I'm gonna work really hard to respond to everybody but again I usually don't respond to emails asking support questions about Showit applications or technical photography questions because the Showit support team is much better for the Showit stuff and the OSP forum (which will hopefully be back up soon) is a better place for photo conversations because then lots of people can chime in and share and learn. :)

Thanks for your patience. :)


JeffersonTodd said...

Just make sure you write your mother back! ;-)

Nathan said...

A whole weeks worth of mail!! Good luck sifting and sorting DJ..

Shyla said...

Im sure she'd rather have a phone call than an email Deej ;)

Nathan said...

Or she'd rather have you visit once in a while.. "you never call, you never visit!!! My little DJ - all grown up and no time for his mother..."
Ok I kid ;) - or do I??? :O