Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bob and Dawn Davis - Signup Fast!

I don't recommend many workshops but I do recommend this one! Bob is an incredible photographer and he's also an incredible teacher of photography and Dawn does the albums, blogging and lots of other stuff. So essentially Bob has the easy job. What a bum. ;) A couple years back I did a workshop with Bob at Apple headquarters in Paris and it rocked!

I learned more about how to use my flash from Bob in 20 minutes then I had learned in 5 years of being a professional. This guy is legit. There's a little video here and you can skip the begining to get straight to some of the fun shooting we did.

Click here and signup...and maybe we can get Bob and Dawn to do a workshop at the Freedom House someday!

*** WARNING - you will notice in this video that I have Tylenol PM next to my champaign. Do NOT take these together. It can kill you. I didn't know that and used to down some before my workshops in europe b/c I'd always arrive and have to work the next day so I wanted to get on that schedule as soon as possible. My good friend Regis Chen told me how dangerous it is after seeing this video.***


Svetlana Yanova said...

Rocking video, DJ! I'd love to go back to Paris and shoot there!!

Dan Dalstra said...

The video was cool, but, dude, I hope you set that sweater on fire!! :)

Mark C. Barlow said...

long time no talk!
thats an awesome shot (in the video) of the Eiffel Tower!
You should try fire juggling some time!:D

Dawn Davis said...

You're so right... he's such a bum getting the easy job! LOL...!

Thanks so much DJ for all your kind words and for blogging our workshop.

We adore you... always will.... always have!


~ Dawn