Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beating the sun!

Beating the sun!, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I've been getting up early in the morning to spend time reading,
praying, and just being silent and the sunrises have just been
incredible. What a great example of God's artistry!


plumtreestudios said...

Glad to see you are boucing back! :)

Diane said...

Something to think about:
"There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before its manifestation, and then joyously watch the unfolding as piece, by piece, by piece, it begins to unfold."

Regarding your recent breakup:
The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sometimes we have to go through really tough times in order to get to the place where we are supposed to be. The person that you are meant to be with will walk into your life when you least expect it; it's all a part of God's plan. Have Faith. Trust in Him.

Merry Christmas David.

cu4photos said...

So beautiful! HOpe you're doing okay. ~Cindy

Kimberlee West said...


|| davidjay || said...

Thanks for your notes and all the love you've sent my way. You all are incredible and I can't tell you what a gift it's been to get your encouragement this week!

Anonymous said...

David- this image is gorgeous!! :) Thank you so much for the comment, it made my day!! I absolutely love my new site and Showit Sites for making it all possible. I cannot say enough great things about your products!!
I'm happy to hear things are going better for you these days, keep your chin up! God wil never give you more than you can handle. :)
Thank you again and Happy Holidays!
God Bless!!

Brad Person said...

Beautiful image, DJ. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Gary Fong, Author said...

DJ, hey this is your blog, so you can delete this post if you want, you know I am ok with it. But I do want to pitch to you a concept. Why not try getting rid of this Jesus thing as an experiment? I have seen so many people hurt because they believe something that isn't real. Stevie Wonder said, "when you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer". When things get whacky, why not evaluate if your belief system is working? My life has been so wonderful and free, calm and peaceful since I turned my back on Christianity. I see things clearly, I feel more love, I have a greater capacity for caring. I know some of this spills into trying to keep people safe, and sometimes I want to warn them about the Jesus myth. It's hard to keep quiet, especially when you see someone go through it.

Dawn Davis said...

We're praying for you DJ...!

|| davidjay || said...

Thanks Dawn and Gary :)

Gary - I think I did try your experiment for much of this past year and it was awful living without a relationship with him. I could find temporary peace in other things and at times my life seemed wonderful but it was very temporary. All this to say I will gladly try your experiment if you'll commit to the experiment of believing in Jesus and living in faith instead of understanding.

That Stevie Wonder quote is funny - I don't understand love but I believe in it and I wouldn't say that makes me suffer. I don't understand electricity either - but I believe in it and that doesn't make me suffer.

When shall we start?

Anonymous said...

The view is gorgeous. That must be such a great way to start your day!

Bobby Earle said...

No offense, but who cares what Stevie Wonder says? He's not won my respects as someone who should be taken seriously on deep matters... he's just a singer/songwriter! Why people quote musicians/actors is beyond me... Especially when the quote has the mask or image of depth at first - but anyone that can think a little deeper than a quote from a warm place (an amazingly talented man who pulls on our heart strings because of his success and blindness) can see that there is very little truth value to what he said. DJ already gave great examples of my confusion above...

Gary, it sounds to me that you made a very emotional decision about your Christianity. You didn't like the rules so you jumped ship. Fair enough. However, Christianity makes a lot of intellectual sense - and isn't so obviously the myth that you, angry kids of pastors, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, or Christopher Hitchens like to assert that it is.

Having said that, at least Hitchens, Dawkins, and so many others makes attempts at compelling arguments. You're just sort of pulling the proof by assertion route, talking of myth and then using personal, emotional reasons, and (almost like a tactless religious person) sort of "forcing your views" on others, as they say. I mean, if you really wanted DJ to consider this, I think a private message would do more good. But agenda driven emotions rarely have tact or good sense.

Since my hunch is that you have a personal vendetta against Christianity (and not a reasonable, intellectual blockade) due to the "it's hard to keep quiet" comment, it makes total sense that you would feel all those things (wonderful, free, calm, peaceful, clarity, more love, greater capacity for caring).

Like you can't keep quiet when Jesus comes up, I struggle with keeping quiet when people give emotional reasons that have little to do with their truth claims and then act as though the other person is the unreasonable one...


Deej, feel free to delete this if it's too confrontational :)

Ginger Murray said...

You are so blessed with that view!

And as far as what is being discussed here, your understanding of God and truth is based on your experiences and the faith you have actually lived out. I don't understand how cutting Jesus out of your life would be in any way beneficial, when you have witnessed all of God's amazing acts of love in your life-- and it impossible to deny. Hold onto what God has given you.

Been praying for you & Allie (as so many others have).

Ginger Murray said...

(oh... and I SO wish I was a morning person and could get up that early. I think it would be enjoyable.)

cu4photos said...

I love how he puts it. "getting rid of this Jesus thing". Wow! I can't even respond.

andrea said...

Well said in your reply to Mr. Fong. Just think, if you didn't have Jesus in your life--who would have been the one to carry you through everything you've gone through this year. Once you know the "Jesus thing" is real and have felt him in your life, it's pretty impossible to "get rid of"!

theshotshot. said...

lol. amazing.

i'll wait for the experiment - which, by the way, i (and most other christians i know) tried quite a few times in my life and is the very reason i always come back telling him i'm sorry for being a jerk. lol.

*starts pointing with two fingers back and forth between his eyes and bobby's eyes as if to say "same wavelength, same wavelength.*

Erik Miguel said...

This is pretty amazing. A very peaceful view to wake up to and think about your day.

Unknown said...

Gary, I want you to remember what I am about to tell you. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away! I live my life for my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. There is no life without him. But the one that you are sevring now is the father of all lies and he has you blinded from the truth just as he has most of the world. I hear people say there is no God, but you know what, there is not one unbeliever after death. They all believe, but then it's too late. Brother you will be in my paryers. Jesus is real and he loves you. Stevie Wonder is just a man and you believe what he says but you can't believe what God says, strange! Dj dont turn your back on Jesus. You would not be where you are today without him and Bobbie, I like the way you put things too. One more thing, I have some of Fong's dvds, but now that I know where he stands, I will not be buying from him anymore. DJ, I ask that you please not remove this post.

jamiedelaine said...

I looooove and crave my morning time. I love that quiet time of prayer. In the evening, I often find myself wishing it was morning already so I could have that morning time again. :)

Jalene Nichole said...

I couldn't agree with you more! The stillness of the morning accompanied with a gorgeous sunrise is priceless and breath taking!

Mike Larson said...

Well said my friend.

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith.

And about the "myth", Gary?

My father has had an impact in my life, he has done so much for me. 90% of my friends have not met him, but if they doubted what he did for me, does that mean that he does not exist?

I say this, I love those who think Jesus is a myth, just as much as those who believe he has changed my life.

I am not a Christian, I'm a christian in the making.

I will never be perfect, as will nobody else, so that means I while have found the example (Jesus) which not only gives me hope, but enables me to treat others as he did (nobody can deny Jesus was a servant and a giver) If we all treated people like Jesus, this world would be a better place. Whether or not you believe in Him, denying his character example would be a moot point.

With this being said, fighting the good fight for me is:

-being that servant,
-putting people above myself,
-thinking less of myself
-loving others unconditionally,
-laying my life down for my wife.

This is my battle against myself.

when I was 2, nobody taught me how to throw a tantrum, scream and cry, pout, yell, and manipulate to get what i wanted. I was pretty darn good at that. My father taught me about being selfless as he raised me and He learned that from Jesus.

So this relational, real person who changed my fathers life, and today it is still changing him, as well as me in my life, which is continually changing as i seek to treat people as He did.

If this all is a myth, then could i be called a sucker, a loon, loser, lost, helpless. Seeking a myth.

On paper, you may be right. Disbelief in this person, nobody from today was around to see this "Jesus". But when you have a personal relationship with him, and someone else calls that a myth, what does that mean? What are you really saying about me, my father and what do you tell my wife who His example in my daily actions. I treat my wife better.

I'm not perfect and i WILL mess up. But I'm freed from the bondange of feeling as if I have to do it on my own. Every time i fall, i can call on my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus to change me from the inside. I am no longer personally as depressed as I was before. I tried to cover up my own depression and this was the ONLY thing that delivered me.

Refining myself and purifying my thoughts is a daily, if not hourly event for me. But it gives me hope, and more patience for others, since I realize my own faults and see that I'm not alone.

Call it a myth, I will not hate you for that, but you can't deny the radical change in my life. That is as far from a myth as the fact that I exist.

Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas everyone.

Nathan said...

DJ thanks for sharing as the Lord brings you from one season to the next. I have been praying for you. I need to get back to those early morning quite times. I miss it and don't like the husband and father I become as I loose connection with the vine.