Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Time for long underwear.

Time for long underwear., originally uploaded by davidjay13.

Today I weighed myself again and I was like whoa. That's really low. I
think I need to start eating more now that I'm working out and running
because I have/had a really high metabolism and I think it's starting
to kick in again.

I also busted out the long underwear today. I feel invincible when I
wear long underwear. I feel like i could go anywhere and it's really
cold out so I put them on.

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm going to our church service tonight with my
friends the Parsons and then I'm gonna have Christmas dinner with them
as well. I'm excited! Hopefully I'll see some of you tonight!


Ginger Murray said...

You are going to make a LOT of people jealous with losing that much weight in a couple days, DJ!!

"I feel invincible when I
wear long underwear."

And what is it, like... 60 degrees in CA or something? What are you wearing long underwear for??... oh.... so you can feel invincible:)

Merry Christmas Eve!

Dawn Gioia Photography said...

WOW, long underware! How cold is it there? It was -6 here last week and I had a family shoot, outside! I guess I need to get long underware!

Tim Halberg said...

dude, I want to get on your diet... I'd take a loss like that right now (especially coming into Christmas)

Vick Prizma Productions said...

Hey Dj,

Cold in SB , what would you do if you were here its -15 and a lot of snow hehehe.

Anyhow Merry Xmas and wish you all the best


Kristy Reimer said...

I love long underwear too....especially the full body kind with the butt flap...soooooo awesome;) If long underwear makes you feel invincible, think of what a snowsuit could do!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke! 6.4 lbs in 2 days? Where are the french toast pizzas when you need them?


MErry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

When I saw the subject matter, I was afraid to look!

Enjoy your Christmas.

I put a short video (poor quality, it's not a show it) on my facebook about what we do at our church on Christmas Service...I'll miss it when we move.

Facebook me:

DJ you already got it! ENJOY


Jalene Nichole said...

Have a wonderful Christmas DJ! Enjoy the long underwear weather... it doesn't last long in California! :)

Unknown said... lost THAT much weight in 2 days---nit good---go have a burger!

Alex Rodriguez said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! Many blessings for the new year.

johnlo said...

Merry christmas david jay.

Deyl said...

dude, you're too worried about your weight. you need to worry more about your gray hair

Unknown said...

You need long underwear in CALIFORNIA???? GET OUT. Seriously. Dude. It was like 0 here last week .... and I had on all 3 pair I owned and was still chilled to the bone.

DJ, come on out to Kansas and we'll show you cold!