Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Barefoot Memories New Site!!!

Yea! Have you seen this amazing new website! Carey Schumacher is one of the incredible photographers I've followed over the years and so I was beyond excited to hear that she was using Showit for her new website! She worked with the stellar designer Nick Haskins from Spilled Milk Designs on this wonderfully unique and truly refreshing website - I love it!

As with all websites I always go to learn about who the person is and YOU MUST click here and watch all these videos of Carey! I clicked on the "Get Some Action" link first ;) but be sure to watch them all!

CLICK HERE and see Barefoot Memories new site!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve! Can you believe that! Tomorrow is also the deadline for our Site of the Year contest that is totally free to enter and there are lots of sweet CASH prizes!

First Place:
$1000 + Lifetime subscription to Showit Sites

Second Place:
$500 + One year subscription to Showit Sites

Third Place:
$300 + One year subscription to Showit Sites

Fourth Place:
$200 + One year subscription to Showit Sites

Fifth Place:
$100 + One year subscription to Showit Sites

1 comment:

Armin DeFiesta said...

Great post. Nice to see ShowItSites coming along for so many! I love Carey's site, especially the videos which really keeps it real and create a brand experience. Ever since I added my behind-the-scenes video I've gotten positive response from my clients as it helps bridge the gap even more between me & them. I think the video capability really makes ShowItSites stand out!