Friday, May 19, 2006

Get together then

Read this post.

Today I got together with my friend Ashley and everytime we hangout she inspires me so much. She's just an all around incredible girl who does so much to help and encourage others.

and so we got talking about society today and how important marriage is then we got into how important it is for parents to invest in the lives of their children. She told me the story of a family she knows who is extremely wealthy because of the work the father does but the family is a mess because all the dad does is work.

This really hit me and reminded me of a song that I heard at church when I was really little. I remember crying when I heard it because I felt so blessed to have a dad that invested so much in me. I actually had to tell him to go to work sometimes because he wanted to be at all my soccer games and sometimes I got embarrassed with him cheering so loud.

*** CLICK HERE *** and listen to this song.

Anyway - the point I'm trying to make, more to myself than anybody else, is to wake up to what's important and make sure that my business helps me spend more time doing those truly important things. At the end of my second year as a photographer I realized that I was on a bad path. Spending every waking hour focusing on my business and not leaving any room in my life for real work to get done

... but this year I've worked so hard to change that and set myself up for another stage in my life. It's amazing how simple it is to setup a business that truly does create freedom for my life and I really want to encourage and help others do the same.

Mom and Dad - Thank you and I love you!


amynave said...

It's soooo true. Family is soooo Important and when I have a family I am going to be there for them. I've been thinking about that a lot and recently have decided to go a direction with my business that will support that dream of being able to spend quality time with my family.

On a side note I seriously talk to my parents almost every single day but when I was in college if I missed talking to my parents, it never failed, I would get a call from my dad singing that song. It was pretty funny:)

Jim Davis Hicks said...

Amen! Amen and Amen!

God did so much in me this past week regarding this same issue. I am so wanting to be all about Him and my family and less about business.

It's hard when you have a business you love but I'm getting free and focused on what counts!!!

Very inspiring.

So much so I'm going to bed now to be an energized daddy in the morning!

Tim Halberg said...

You heard that song at church???

Dane Sanders said...

I'd love to comment but I gotta go play with my kids ...

The Alpha Course said...


You are so right.

My business is based on about 15 core values. The top 3?


I've got 3 little ones and it is hard to establish a buisiness AND make time for them.

Thanks for the continued inspiration.

BTW - I'm gonna send you some recipes. I'm worried about your diet!!!!


Holritz Photography said...

Good for you David!

Love ya.


Erin Browne said...

You look so much like your dad!

Sarah Barlow said...

Oh! This is such a good post!
Yeah, I have really been bad about setting aside time for relationships and family lately, thanks so much for the encouragement!! The past couple months I have realized the same thing about focusing on business 24/7 and how it can really steal from the most important people in your life, so that is why I'm now trying to delegate/outsource as much as possible!!!
BTW...I love that sad but really good!

Deyl said...

definitely one of the biggest blessings in my life is having a dad who poured so much into me. he's still my hero!

Melissa Carl said...

so what are you saying DJ... you getting married? you having a baby?

Joe Barlow, a pastor, 10th of 14 kids, father of 7, husband of one beautiful wife said...

Me & my brother Vince(father of Barlowgirls) got to play warm up act for that singer, Harry Chapin, about three months before he passed away. The last thing he said to us was, "Hey when I'm an old washed-up folk singer and you guys are big stars, can I play warm up for you?"

Cameron Ingalls said...

good job Mr. and Mrs. Jay! i was just reflecting on the way i was brought up yesterday.

my mom did the best she could... under the circumstances. i think my dad was bipolar. he was definately an alcoholic and struggled at times with various drugs. because he became abusive my mother divorced him when i was 2 and remarried when i was 5. my step dad did the best he could and is an awesome man. ive seen God change him so much over the years into a softer more loving father figure. i've also grown a lot from his rough edges. i am greatful for the parents that have loved and raised me, making me the person i am today.

however... i am beginning to realize more than ever how deep divorce damages children. sure, there was probably no other option for an abused mother of two. but over the past couple of years i have seen just how much the divorce has internally resulted in abandonment issues, fear of marriage and commitment...

the reason i comment like this is that family or 'marriage' is all about commitment. i know too many couples these days negating their 'marriage commitment' for convenience or comfort. but the truth is.... divorce damages the lives of those around you, not just you and your spouse.

people need to make family a priority like DJ is talking about... we need to see that our lives are not about us, especially if we have made a vow or a covenant to serve someone for the rest of our days. when we leave this life behind what do we have but what we invested in people?

i pray that God instills all of you a desire to stand in His grace behind the commitments you make.

Anita Matejka Photography said...

I totally agree ... it's hard not to get busy trying to do "work" and neglect what's really important ... God, family, others. That's one reason I strive to never let my business get too busy and limit the amt. of work I take in.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore (another waste of time in my book! LOL!), but last night I happened to watch Close to Home. Did anyone see it? Ugh ... terribly sad ending. She's a DA (or something like that) and is working all the time. Her husband was needing time with her more, so they decided to go away to Hawaii, just the two of them. As she was leaving work to head out on her vacation, two cops walked in ... sullen. Her husband had just been killed in car accident. Talk about wanting to run and hug your family! We can't take like for granted ... ever!

Serious, we all have to remember not to think, "just one more thing," and just set it aside to make life meaningful for those around us!

Cameron ... excellent post! Marriage is definitely not as easy as I thought it would be (ha, ha), but I know that it is a commitment, and that has to mean something! What better example to set for our kids than to commit to make each other happy (not ourselves first!).

Sorry, I rambled! And you do look just like your dad, DJ! Awesome post!

Ana Gabriela said...

Incredible, you have his eyes and brows... you look very alike...