Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good Times

Seattle was great and the Fong Show was awesome! I've never focused on albums and I've definitely been one of those "hope" album sorta guys! was so funny when he described what that was because it is totally me! After hearing all his tips and stats I think I'm gonna have to change for 2007.

Gary was tired and wanted to be documented truthfully and photojournalistically, and after traveling to 14 cities in just a few weeks I can imagine why, but Missy smacked him on the head to create the wonderful second image. lol

I also got to hangout with Jeff LaPlante and he has a great new website he just put up and he's a master of customizing Showit Web and so be sure to checkout his iPod proofing page! It's the coolest one I've seen!

Ok...I'm headed back down to OC! I can't wait!!! See you guys soon!


SamTheMan said...

Hey DJ,

It is soo cool to see you and the Gary Wong photos. It looks like you guys had an obsolute blast! Gotta get one of his diffusers! And, posing between Jedi Master Jessica and her very beautiful friend Liana had to be pretty cool too. Take care and thanks for sharing with us all!

Samuel Barr Photography

|| davidjay || said... heart always beats a little faster when I'm around those girls! They're amazing!