Thursday, February 02, 2006

Off to the Amazon!

Some of you already know that I'm headed to Brazil with Thirst Relief International but what you don't know is that I powered through a wedding in like 3 hours last night and it looks soooo good!!! I've been working on perfecting my workflow which is based off of Denis Reggie's workflow but it now makes use of some pretty sweet automation tools and I'll be talking more about it at WPPI this year. I've just added 2 huge new steps to it that cut the time from 6 or 7 hours which is what it was taking us last year down to 3 or 4 which is amazing! ...and this is including downloading!!! Can you imagine only having 4 hours of post wedding work to do and then the rest of the week to enjoy the beach! Wooohoo!

I didn't feel like going to the beach so I reinvented my Away Message! I know many of you liked my last one and everything but I just thought it was time for something new so if you wanna see something cool send me an email! ;)

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Please keep me, Mike Colon, Jim Hicks and Greg Gibbs in your thoughts and prayers because I've heard that it can get pretty gnarly down there!

Love you guys!


The Alpha Course said...

You'll be in my prayers.

(The movie was 'disarmed' - so couldn't watch it)

Bless you


Ana Gabriela said...

what's gnarly???
anyways, I'll be praying.