Sunday, February 05, 2006

Posting from the river!

Posted Feb 5th.

We made it to the river and and have been cruising as fast as we can because it's a ten hour trip to Porto de Moz and WOW it just started pooring down rain like crazy!!! The rain here is unbelievable and so they're dropping the tarps on the sides of the boat but the wind is still pushing it in! This is awesome!

It's been quite a trip so far with Mike and I losing our bags yesterday to running through the airport and only catching our flight by a few seconds and now we'll be living on this huge boat for the next seven days or so.

It's fascinating how we sleep! They just have these hooks on the boat and we tie our hammocks to them! We even slept in hammocks at the house last night because they have the same setup there.

The reception on my blackberry is kinda shady out here but I'll try and post whenever I can but it might not be for a day or a week...but look forward to an awesome video!!!

....and thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Because today was Sunday there weren't any shops open so we're kinda making due with the clothes we had!

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