Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Santa Barbara PUG the photographers in Santa Barbara are so awesome! Last night we had our first ever Pictage User Group "PUG" and it was AMAZING to see everyone come out! When I counted we had 26 people there which makes SB one of the biggest launches and it's just a little tiny town! That's how cool SB is! :)

Sara France did a great job giving us all the vision for what these PUG groups can be and this is going to be a very strong group of photographers and I'm so excited for the next one!

My friend JT came out all the way from AZ and we had Mellany and Tobi come all the way from Palm Springs too!

Today I got to fly out to Seattle first thing to hang with Gary Fong at his tour finale! He's an incredible dude! He just did a 14 city US tour in just a few weeks! ...and I've been reading on the forums how career changing these seminars have been so if you didn't have a chance to go definitely pickup a copy on DVD once it's released.

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