Friday, February 24, 2006

Top 10 Week

This definitely goes down as one of the top 10 weeks of my life! I'm riding such a high right now because of all the AMAZING people I got to meet this week!

Recap! to go down to Rock Harbor Church which I love and then head over and see the BarlowGirls in concert!

...and this was a total rush for me because as Crystal so sneakily pointed out I do love the BarlowGirls! The are so nice and they let me use their music on my website.

and then I rushed back to SB for the first ever Santa Barbara PUG where I got to reconnect with so many of the Santa Barbara photographers who I've learned so much from and enjoyed working with over the past couple of years.

then I cruised up to Seattle to see Gary and Melissa at Gary's tour Finale! They are two of the funnest and most thoughtful and giving people I know. I've just gotten to know Gary in the past 6 months and I've just been blown away at what a caring guy he is and how he works so hard to help other people.

After that I buzzed straight back down to Orange county because Mike Colon was putting on another one of his INCREDIBLE workshops!!!

And afterwards everyone came and hungout at this huge mansion they had rented and we just had the best time together.

I miss all of you so so so much and if I wasn't so tired I would've come to Disneyland today but I needed to get home and get ready to head up to Mammoth tomorrow. I'm shooting an engagement there in the snow and I'm probably gonna try and drive there - shoot - and drive home in one day because I have so much to do before PartnerCon in Atlanta.

I love you all!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for everything, you're great! I'm there next trip to Mammoth :)

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