Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eric and Roz!

I just finished a whirlwind of a month and it ended with my first shoot of the year! Yea! I got to go up to Mammoth this weekend and do an engagement shoot for a couple who's getting married later this year at the Four Seasons in Kona! I've never gone this far to do an engagement shoot but Eric and Roz are so sweet and hanging out with them this weekend was so fun! Eric even took some pictures of me! Haha! ...and the picture of Roz above happened when this huge gust of wind almost blew all three of us down the mountain...seriously it was crazy but being the manly man that I am I kept shooting despite the danger.

***CLICK HERE*** to see the slideshow!

...and just to prove how wonderful they are - they gave me a super nice travel bag because they know I've been traveling so much! Can you believe that! I seriously am so lucky to have clients like this!


Anonymous said...

I love the shot where they are silhouettes against the sky!

Anonymous said...

Awesome David! Looks SO fun. She has amazing eyes! Hey I think we have the same snowboard.

Anonymous said...

You snowboard????????????

amynave said...

He he, the anonymous person was me:) oops!!!!!

Melissa Carl said...

Wow this is so cool!!! I want you to come up to Big White and take pictures of me and Gary just for fun. What a really cool idea!!!

|| davidjay || said...

I like the silhouettes too and shooting in the snow was so fun! It was like reflectors everywhere!

Missy - I'm totally there! Will there still be snow in June? probably not huh? Oh well....just have to make another trip I guess!