Thursday, April 02, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

The PPSNY confernce went wonderfully well. I only had 3 hours of sleep before my 7 hour presentation but thankfully a sweet little angel drifted in mid morning with my favorite dunkin donuts coffee! I was so excited! :)

I'm going to share the story that changed my focus and my life through a free video in my email newsletter so if you're not already signed up for that be sure to get on that list which you can do by typing in your email address here.

Today I'm getting together with my friends who I'll be going to Russia with. They took an organization called Young Life out there and I've learned so much from them and am excited and honored to get to spend a couple of weeks learning how this organization uses love and hospitality to change peoples lives.


Corneli said...

you will love russia, i've been once.. its just such a weird but cool place, im sure you will love it!

Rubyellen said...

Hi David Jay! It is such a blessing to see how God has grown and blessed you (and your business) since our wedding in 2005! You are still such an inspiration and we strive to be an artistic photographer like you. Continue to love God through what you do! My husband, Ben, just emailed you regarding wedding stuff, so hopefully, we will be able to hear from you soon!

Have fun in russia!!!

Ginger Murray said...

Looking forward to the email.

I am almost out of coffee at home... perhaps I should get the Dunkin Donuts coffee at the grocery store? I wonder if it's as good? I wouldn't know, cause I've never tried either-- I'm not aware of a Dunkin Donuts in my area. Used to have one, but it burned down! No more donuts after church! :( That was when I was younger and didn't drink coffee.

Janell said...

Only been to Russia in the dead of about cold. YL is awesome. They have a thriving work in Mongolia, will you be there too?

I'll look for you while passing through the Frankfurt airport ;-)...but you may be flying around the world in the opposite direction. Will keep you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Young Life is amazing! I was saved through their program at a camp in High School. I was in such a dark place & the leaders came to me and comforted me and led me to christ. The next camp I went to I was baptized. I still to this day continue to be a youth leader for them and continue to witness the cycle of lives being changed! You will have an amazing experience with anyone from Young Life!!!!

Thea Coughlin said...

So glad you got home and are able to have your time to yourself. That is a great freedom/feeling.

There really was no sign of your lack of sleep at the presentation. I am so glad you made it here to upstate NY. Your sharing brought me much clarity and new insight.