Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help me switch pages...

I just sent out my latest email newsletter which included a free video of my TOP 10 things to do in this recession!

You can also watch the video by joining my new facebook page.

Personally I don't like that facebook has a limit on my personal page where I accept "friends" but hey it's their gig and their technology has limitations so I needed to create a "Visual Artist" page which can accept more than 5000 friends....but what's silly is that they are now called "fans" - There was a time when I cared about being famous and the whole starDUMB thing which in our world of wedding photography does exist and that is fine but I'm over it. I just want to use Facebook to help people so I need your help in transition over to this page.

So go watch some of the free videos and look for more to be posted here!


Michael Connor / Connor Studios said...

The biggest problem with the new Pages on Facebook is that they don't allow you to tag your "fans" in photographs. That takes the biggest incentive out of creating a Page for most wedding photographers.

Ginger Murray said...

"You can't have any more friends. You have enough already."
Ha:) It's really funny when you think of it literally.

Ash - Fort Wayne area Wedding Photographer said...

I got your email your "top ten list" I will definitely have to look at your amazon list of books. I keep seing people blog stuff about how to be a better person any books you recommend on that topic... not saying I'm not just I can always improve ;)