Thursday, April 23, 2009

The rush before Russia...

On Monday I got invited by my friends Deyl and Ashley to attend an event with Tony Blair and Tom Barrack who is this mega billionaire and what an incredible experience that was! I snapped this pic of Tom before getting scolded about "no photos"

They talked about "Faith and Reconciliation in a time of Global Interdependence" and it really opened up my eyes to the necessity of collaboration and leadership.

Ashley, works with Tom and also does event planning and she just sent me a list of Tom's Rules for Success and they are great! I'll be sending them out to everyone who is part of my new Facebook page....and if you haven't joined yet you should and be sure to checkout the fun video I posted there yesterday.

...and tomorrow I get to go hear what the Dalai Lama has to share about "Ethics in our Time"

Then late tomorrow night I'm heading to Russia!


I haven't even started packing! I'll be there till mid May and am excited to learn about the culture and what God is doing there. mind is spinning!

So much to do - so many places to go. I have lots to learn!


Svetlana Yanova said...

Hey David, I'm so excited you're going to Russia!! I'm Russian but we moved to Canada 4 years ago and I haven't been back since, can't afford it yet, but some day I'll definately go back!. I sent you an email about it but forgot you don't reply (but hopefully you read it haha)..:):) anyway I was going to wish you an awesome trip, you'll love it there!! hope you take tons of photos and share them here! :)


Yadira Laguerre said...

This is inspiring. If Yah can do all this through you, He can do it through me, too. Freedom, here I come! ...and I'm bringing folks with me :)

Splendid! Photography said...

DJ, I am praying for your trip... be blessed!