Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great work and Great Sites!

I like to go in and take a peak at as many websites as I can and recently I've been blown away by the websites you've been creating with Showit but also with the photography that is out there today. The creativity I see is just off the hook.

I was just on Jeremy Parker's website and saw this cool series of shots!

...and I love how Courtney DeLaura of Peach Tree Studios used Showit to consolidate all of her access points on the web and has good clean consistent branding across all of them. You can see on her home page that you can get to any of her other websites and she even built essentialy four different websites for the different types of photography she does.

This is a huge value with Showit because you have no limit of pages or galleries and you can take your branding and make everything look the way you want it - instead of the way some template designer wants it. This lets you build on what you've done in the past instead of having to recreate your look each time you buy a new template.


Diane @ said...

Love the creativity out there! Thanks for sharing what others are creating.

Nameless and Anonymous said...

I love showit sites! I am a pretty new photographer and I just started using it. You have really been something of an inspiration to me just starting out. Thanks!
my site is

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the praise David! It means a lot coming from you :)