Thursday, April 23, 2009

How can I pray for you?

Tonight when I came home there was a sweet message in my inbox from a wonderful photographer telling me how rough it is right now trying to get her business going and her husband's job is disintegrating and the reason I share this is because I KNOW she is not alone. I spoke in NY a couple of weeks ago and before I even started my presentation three people shared how they'd been laid off in the past couple of weeks and that is why they were there...but they didn't know what was coming next.

Our world is uncertain...but God is real.

I have a 20 hour flight tomorrow as I head to Russia and I'd be so stoked to be able to pray for you because I know God answers prayer and works in my life as I please send anything that I can be praying for. Send an email to and I'll download them all before I hop on the plane.

Thank you in advance. It's such a gift to be able to pray for people.


Anonymous said...

hey dj,

may you be blessed and renewed on ur trip!.


DorRae said...

so sweet , thank you for a loveing heart. May the God of all heaven and earth be with you on your trip

Mandy Sroka said...

You can pray for healing relationships in our family. Thanks DJ!

jamiedelaine said...

Sweet idea.

Shyla said...


Veronica Slavin said...

What a nice offer.

Anonymous said...

Can you pray for my friend Caroline who just found out that she may have skin cancer. I'll be sending out my own prayers, but it never hurts to pray extra!

Lynn said...

Truly you are blessed in all you do because our God knows you're heart is His and His alone. You rock. How many industry leading professionals are praying for the very people who make them successful. How they can learn from your model DJ. I pray that you have a safe, memorable, and life-changing trip. Hope to see some shots!
God bless you,

KATEE said...

Yes... prayer is so REAL!!! :) You can pray for me anytime! :)
Prayin' for you and your adventure DJ!

amber dawn said...

DJ, you are awesome...I love that you serve our loving and amazing God and that you are fulfilling His will for your life. Thank you for being real with your faith and a testimony to those who may not know Him.
I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip! ;) I will pray for YOU!!!

Ash - Fort Wayne area Wedding Photographer said...

Hey if you get a chance you could pray for my wife and I we are going to see if we can hava a house built. I hope everything works out. Thanks and have a blast over ther!! I'll pray for you too!

r&b said...

David, I just came across your site because someone had blogged about you and I wanted to see who you are. It's great that I have only seen your first page and I already see a Bible verse. I'm contemplating going into the photography business on the side until I see if I can even make it a real job. I am also a Christian and was hoping to make sure to spread the Gospel through my website. I'd love to interview you (by e-mail questionnaire) to see how you got started if you're interested. If not, thank you for being an inspiration. My email address is

Shara Lana said...

You have allowed God to truly mold you into such a beautiful being. I am so inspired by the way you always so honestly and openly honor God. I think the world of you. I do have a prayer request. God has planted a seed in me that is much bigger than I ever thought that I could accomplish. He has made it very clear to me that all He calls me to be is willing, and He will then qualify me. And yes I am willing. : ) God has given me names to call in order to fulfill His desire and you are on the list. Please pray that I continue to be made qualified and also that I allow God to lead me every step of the way. And please pray also for those that I am lead to call, and that they will KNOW that I am influenced by Him. You are in my prayers too David. :D
For His Glory,
Shara Lana

Kate Noelle said...

DJ, I love how you are so quick to help people out any way you can. Thanks for being such an encouragement to others in prayer and just by being your friendly and real self. If you're still up for prayer... I could use some provision in the coming months and a deeper trust in His plans I can't seem to see at the moment. Thanks again and I hope your trip continues to fill you up.

Amanda Key said...

I just wanted to let you know that your prayer was appreciated.

I had asked if you would pray for our school and for our students.

We received "the test" scores yesterday and they were wonderful! Not perfect--but improvement in all subjects! Growth was shown.

Thank you again for taking time to serve others.

You are a wonderful person.

Thank you again,
Amanda Key