Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Headed home!!!

Headed home!!!, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

I can't believe it! I'm finished! Free! This wonderful group in NY was
my last commitment of the year!

That doesn't mean I'm gonna sit around and twiddle my thumbs but I
finally have the FREEDOM to choose whatever I'd like to do!

Later this month I'm going to have the amazing opportunity to go see
the Dali Lama and then the next day I'll be heading out to Russia for
a couple of weeks.

Lots of learning and growing to do! I'm stoked!


Bobby Earle said...

The Dali Lama?!?! Russia?!?!?!?! What the??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ginger Murray said...

No freaking way.

I 2nd what Bobby said!

Retired for the year, at 29 years old? You must be selling acai very successfully!
You've worked hard(and smart) for the freedom. Well deserved. Travel the world, do things for God, and enjoy life.

I realized about 6 months ago that I can't do as many things for God as I want to be doing (or perhaps even that HE wants me to be doing). My hands are currently somewhat tied. So, I am working on getting things into place so I can be spending less time in my business (getting it all running smoothly, setting up other businesses and get them running smoothly), so that I can actually do more than run a business. Not that I'm NOT doing good things with the business now, but I want to have the freedom to do more if I want to (which I do:)).

Ash - Fort Wayne area Wedding Photographer said...

Wow the Dali Lama! Russia! I may not be able to do theses things yet.. but I expect lots of fun blogs of your travels! ;) Enjoy life! Congrats on what should be a very Very fun trip

Sarah Barlow said...

I'm growing to think this is now your signature should just change it to your logo!;)

Yeah, months of FREEDOM is amazing... such an incredible learning and expanding process! I'm excited for you:)