Friday, April 04, 2008

SB Crew

The other night the Costa's invited some of us wedding folks out to an amazing dinner at Elements here in SB. It was sooo good! I had Ahi Tuna and it was the best I've ever had! Then we went over to their house and it's so inspiring to see what they're doing!

It's funny because it was me and a bunch of "Brookies" (photographers who went to the Brooks Institute) and those of you who know me know that I am like so far on the other side of the scale from these photo masters but what's cool is hanging out with them and learning from them without having to pay for going to the school! ;)

Michael and I always harass each other because he's like the total artist dude and I'm not so I always end up talking to with his better half Anna who has all sorts of awesome ideas like starting a forum and a book club so be sure to check that out!



Michael + Anna Costa said...

You are seriously SO awesome!! :)
It's always such a pleasure chatting with you. Plus, it was awesome getting to know Allie better - she is such a beautiful person. I'm so excited to be taking an art class with her!

Justine Ungaro said...

I had dinner at Elements the one and only time I was in SB. I had a fire actually did taste like fire. :)

Megan said...

no kobe beef burger? i hope at least one person at your table had it. YUM!

Tim Halberg said...

good times, but what's going on in that last picture?

MattDJ said...

OK, Tim and DJ...what's with looking off to the side?! :-)

Michael Costa said...

You're a goofy man DJ. It took two to give birth to Photo For the People, our baby... It's just more fun talking about art :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Last season VH1 had that show "The Shot" and I noticed that their was a huge distinction between "emotional" photographers who and "technical" photographers. Strangely enough the girl who was considered the "emotional" photographer won the whole shebang. I think technique is like retouching if it uplifts and accentuates the work great but if it screams "pay attention to me!!!!" it cam be a distraction. Art SHOULD make people feel something...I think. But it never hurts to surround yourself with folks who know more than you :)

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