Monday, April 14, 2008

Phew...61 emails and still cranking...

It's 11:30 here in Nebraska and I'm still cranking. I've sent out 61 emails today and worked on a bunch of websites.

I'm gonna do a small demo with our latest beta release for all the folks out here and for those of you had the first beta you can get the latest beta by simply opening up your program and it'll ask you to auto update. It's slick. :)

Ok...I gotta sleep...I'm on at 8:30am for 6 hours tomorrow...actually it's 3 hours in the morning and then somebody will play with the matrix and I will perform a little deja vu act for the afternoon.



.Alli.son. said...

Watch out for that red pill, dear Neo. I want you back in California!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

Grrrr...I'm still waiting for my e-mail. Kinda hard to believe 61 people are more important than ME... >:-|