Friday, April 18, 2008

More Pics from Nebraska

I really had a great time out there and here are some more pics! The last night I got to hang out with some wonderful photographers and new friends!

Here's a shot of me with Shane and Erin Melenbacker

and this is a fun one of us on our way to a really good italian place after hanging with Geoff Johnson and his wife Anne at there insanely cool studio. Geoff has the sickest shot of Bono and I'm begging him for a copy of it because I want to make a gallery here in my house of cool shots that my friends have taken and this shot would definitely quality. Julie Morris and her husband Troy also cruised out and it's funny because I had never been to Nebraska before

Also, last night we had the first Showit Sites pre-release party here in SB and it was incredible! Tomorrow I'm off on a whirlwind two week trip to meet with some more friends. It's gonna be fun!

Rock on,


Allyson Magda Photography said...

DJ, you do rock on... on your 2 week tour...maybe you should ask Alli how to dress? I don't know you, but think we would get along....definitely consult her for clothing advice (or just ditch this sweater)!
allyson magda

ericbarker said...

What is the release date for showit sites?
Thanks Eric

Corneli said...

his sweater is so European.. its cool. keep it. go Europe!


Scott said...

Man-purse or ShootSac? Do tell.

|| davidjay || said... don't like my sweater! uh oh....

Yea - I'm loving my purse. I got it in London!

Shane Melenbacker said...

Loved hanging out DJ, come back to Nebraska anytime and we'll show you some more great places. Later...