Saturday, April 26, 2008

NY sushi

NY sushi, originally uploaded by davidjay13.

We just finished up a killer meeting and a few of us are grubbing on
some sushi at this sweet place in NY!


Syed SYPhotography said...


It was such a pleasure meeting you and the rest of the group yesterday !!! I can't wait to start using ShowItSites - this is the coolest thing ever. You are definately changing the "game". btw where is my pic :-)

Marie Moyers said...

DJ know you are out on the road and it gets a little old after while. So here is a Big Hello from Louisiana and all of us photographers!
Thank you for all that you do to help encourage us... and motivate us to help others!!!

John said...

Hey Syed! Cool meeting you too. Sorry you couldn't join us for dinner.

DJ, thanks SO much for coming out to NYC and spend all that time with us! And yes, that was a very cool sushi place! I'm going back.

MattDJ said...

Hey guys...what's this rock for again? ;-)

Heyn Photography said... the rock comment. Great time, can't wait for showitsites...I think I've told everyone I know about it already!

(Russian translation to come later)

MattDJ said...

NYC Crew: Updated my post to include your linkage. Sweet! :-)

John said...

OH, that was a rock? I thought it was something you're supposed to eat...LOL