Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thanks OC

More fun pics from OC coming soon but just a quick shot of the wonderful group that came out and gave such stellar ideas for Showit Sites! More fun shots later and you'll see why I'm waiting but a special thanks to Jim Kennedy for letting us use his incredible studio to meet in! Wow! ...and if you haven't seen Stephanie James Couture (his wife's) custom made wedding dresses next door you are really missing out!

Ok....More pics to come....

That is Jessica Claire sleeping on the


kennykimdotcom said...

what a fun bunch! what's the plan for chicago DJ?

Jeanette said...

I'm so excited for the showit sites launch! Thanks for having me DJ, dinner was the best and Crystal is the sweetest!

islandgirl said...

Did you decide if you will be able to make it to DC on your trip. You can totally use our Studio if you like, we would love to have you! Just let me know, otherwise my hubby Brad and I would love to come to NYC, just need to know when and where!
Thanks DJ!!! Nicole Wolf

Scott said...

I am diggin' the photo frames on the wall....looks like plexi bolted to the wall. Rather industrial. Sweet.

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Hey DJ, what you showed us was nothing short of phenomenal and I'd even say revolutionary.

Cool stuff, can't wait for the release... we'd love to have you in Pasadena to show you some Latin love ;-)

Daniel J. Watkins said...

You haven't been wearing hats much lately...what's up with that?

Family said...

Next time you're in OC - let me know...I'd like to catch up with you and talk business. I always get such great ideas from you and Deyl.

[ davidbrenot ] said...

Hi David,

It's a long time that i don't right you !!!
How are you ?
I hard work to come to the USA in August I have already contacts in Colorado for a wedding !

I'm so excited to see the showit sites !!!!

T'es le meilleur David ;-)

See you