Wednesday, April 30, 2008

NY and Atlanta

The last two stops on the Preview Tour were fantastic!

I got to meet up with Matt DeJesus who I've been excited to meet for a long time and we even got to hang with the man the myth the legend - Denis Reggie - in NY for a little bit!

Then the crew came over for a stellar meeting and some awesome sushi! We had the meeting in my hotel room which was sweet. Denis suggested I stay at The London hotel and it was well worth it! There was even a little plug in the wall that I could plug my computer into and it would show up on the TV! Very cool!

Then I was off to Atlanta! I love the south! Especially after coming from NY where everyone is mean. lol...just kidding ;P .... NYers are actually super cool...but I left my hair product in NY so that was a bummer. I met up with Liana Lehman and Sara Harper who the wonderful hosts at Liana's beautiful new house! I can't find pictures from Atlanta because they were on everyone else's camera but here's a shot the three of us took using the Mac's photobooth and showing off my crazy hair. :)

Now I'm back in SB! Yea! So nice here and I have a little recap slideshow to post later too but this post is getting way to long!

Oh yea....and for those of you who missed my monthly newsletter be sure to sign up and add to your mailbox so your spam grabber doesn't get it. Everyone who is on it just got a discount for Showit Web to save $60 so sign up and find somebody who got it yesterday and you can still use the code through tonight!

Rock on!


Unknown said...

Dude you should come to Myrtle Beach SC people here are really friendly also.

MattDJ said...

That slideshow is actually kinda sad. :-(

Save me a spot on the bus! Dr. Pepper anyone? ;-)

kennykimdotcom said...

Glad you made it back safe home. How does your place look?

Let me know when you figure out the tour schedule. I'm going to plan my summer around it. :)

Unknown said...

It was ABsolutely excellent to meet you! Can't wait to see the Atlanta group photo!

Jeanette said...

Love the slideshow DJ, I actually caught that shrimp in the air, woot!

cu4photos said...

A huge thanks for all you do. Can't wait to get started with the new site. Hello to Allie for me. Karen, I'll send you the Atlanta group pic.

Bobby Earle said...

Ahhh, DJ put us in his slide ;) How good does it feel to be home?

Ginger Murray said...

The slideshow made me cry...

Just kidding! Great song though!

Those photobooth photos are flippin hilarious!