Friday, April 25, 2008

I love Chicago!

Chicago has become a 2nd home for me and I love it here...not so much for the actual town but more for the people! They are incredible! Yesterday I got to hang with a select crew of great photographers and Priscillia O'Sullivan from Bellissima Photography was so wonderful and hosted us at her super cool studio space.

Above is a shot of the group from the infamous Kenny Kim who has been doing amazing things connecting photographers all over the world. I think he's gonna start meeting with a group of photographers consistently here in Chicago to chat and share ideas so hit him up if you're into that!

...and there is no way I can post as many pics as Kenny so go here to see all his awesome shots from last night! ...and when Kenny and I were walking around downtown these girls wanted to take pictures with us so we were like I guess that'd be ok. Kind of funny. My hair was jealous of their towering head pieces.

and then I took this picture at this giant shiny ball and it's super funny to watch everybody take pictures next to this thing. I'm gonna stay here in Chicago today and then cruise to NY tomorrow morning! :)


MattDJ said...

Kenny rocks. Plain and simple! :-)

See yooz guyz tomorrow!

PSQuared said...

Chi Town Rules Baby..Rock On...By the way...You've just been tagged. Check it out and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos Kenny shared. Have a great time in Chicago & a safe trip to NY! :)

Anonymous said...

DJ, awesome blog

how long are you in NY for?

Are you coming to Canal Fulton this year?

kennykimdotcom said...

Good times!

eliesa said...

You should seriously come to Minnesota. Really. Nebraska? Illinois? You are SO close! And we have a SUPER RAD, SUPER COOL photography community that would totally embrace you! ...Think about it....ROCK ON!