Saturday, April 05, 2008

Great Decision

Email Email certainly has taken over our lives and one of the best decisions I made last year was to sign up with this company! I used to get buried in spam mail and now I get none! It's amazing! There are tons of great features and another great decision I made was to use Gmail instead of my webhosted email.

I have it dialed in where all my email looks professional sent and (both sent and received) is stored on my Gmail account and is available 100% of the time. Have you ever had your email go down! Yikes! I read on the forums about people who's email has been down for days and I think wow that's not good. Just use Gmail along with this spam blocking service and you'll be much happier.

I've also added this link to the side bar of my blog so you can always find it.


Erin Harvey said...

How do you send email from your gmail and have it look like it was sent from ur davidjay mail? I'd LOVE to be able to use my gmail that way. Google is just way too cool!

Unknown said...

Hi DJ,

I love Gmail. I was wondering how you have a gmail account with your name .com. I thought it had to say at the end of the email. I would love to use Gmail but I do not want their name in my email.


jamiedelaine said...

That's what I do as well! My email is just my name @ my domain but I use gmamil to check my email online. It's great! I used to do the same thing with hotmail, but a lot of school/work places have a firewall on hotmail...but not on g-mail!

Unknown said...

Rebecca, you can set gmail to use your address as the reply-to.

But to use GMail for your entire domain email, you can sign up for Google Apps:

|| davidjay || said...

I don't use google Apps to do it...what I do is way easier than that. I'll make a video and send it out in my next email newsletter. You can sign up on the right side of my blog. :)