Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Role in OSP

A couple of days ago I came across a post on OSP that said "Don't be silly, DJ has nothing to do with OSP anymore." and a friend of mine said that my "absence" comes across as "better than thou."

What I thought was really sad was that people probably believe both of these statements. I don't comment on every post like I did for the first couple of years because by the time I read a thread 10 people have already given the advice I would've given! It's great! Everyone is sharing and we've all seen the community grow and grow and grow because more and more people took on that role.

I also travel the world speaking and part of my presentation talks specifically about OSP and the community here and that is how a lot of people hear about and join this wonderful group.

Lastly, OSP takes a lot of time and money just to keep it running. I pay over $5,000 a year to keep it going and commit a good bit of time personally to verifying the accounts.

My role has changed but to say I'm not involved or to think that I'm arrogant simply because I don't post as much is a bummer and I thought it was important for me to share with everyone the reality of my role and responsibility changing.

Love you all,

p.s. I still have the most posts so ;P


cu4photos said...

Anyone who has said or thought these things, obviously has never met you.

Unknown said...

as the cliche goes "with great power, comes great responsibility".

i think we all still greatly appreciate what you've done for OSP and tons of other photographers out there DJ.

i personally don't expect you to keep on posting as much as you did when you started especially when from your blog you're flying "everywhere" =). keep up the good work to continue blessing all of us man.

PS: looking forward to meeting you for the first time at wppi08 at the youngguns event.


Dawn Davis said...

It's hard sometimes to be in the public eye... even the best people can be misconstrued. We believe in you DJ and will never give up on you. Have a blessed night!

~ Dawn & Bob

Stephanie Sokol said...

You have created a wonderful source for photographers alike. That said BRAVO for speaking from your heart!!

Unknown said...

There's a reason why you are where you are. And a reason why there are so many of us on OSP. You are a blessing to us all! Keep Rockin' It!

Jim Cook said...

DJ, I knew that you have been insanely busy... just reading your blog is clear evidence of that. So while you are missed on OSP, I knew why. And I never ever thought it was that you were "too good" for the forum. So, don't think for a second that was a widely conceived notion.

Keep doing what you are doing. You are making a larger impact than spending more time on OSP would afford. As you said, OSP is somewhat self sufficient now and doesn't need your guidance as often.

You rock man!!!


Mark Brooke Photographers said...

good for you! Sometimes people need to be reminded. I am an o.c. wedding photographer and i have found that OSP has shaped and molded who i am and who i want to be. thanks for being awesome.

Anonymous said...

OSP is a great community. It has been a blessing to many, including me. But like any community there will always be people that cannot be happy unless they are tearing someone down. Or they are envious.

I am sure that you have people questioning why you spend money and effort to provide OSP for free when there is nothing wrong if you charge for it. Specially when it looks like a thankless endeavor. Many may not understand why you do it but I think is wonderful that you do and there is many that are very thankful to you.

I am sure that there are many photog that are staring out in the careers and have found in OSP a place to ask questions and get honest answers that otherwise could not get. It also gives those with greater experience the opportunity to share.

I encourage you to go on with what you are doing and do not let those ignorant people diminish what you have accomplished, and even more important, what God may be accomplishing thru you.

David from Puerto Rico

Armin de Fiesta said...

You've inspired and helped so many, keep up the great work DJ. OSP continues to be a valuable resource that clearly has your fingerprint that endures. You have my support!

kennykimdotcom said...

DJ, just have Crystal use your account and reply back to OSP! Problem solved. :)

I nominate DJ for the governor of California after Ahhnnold retires.

Angie said...

I am new here, but saw you speak in Tampa last month and was soooo inspired. After checking on you, I saw that you had been posting only a few hours before you spoke. You were incredible on just a couple hours of sleep!!! Anyway, you give 1000% of yourself to so many people that you've never even met. You are very appreciated and such an awesome asset to the photography community. You want us all to win, and most of us feel it. Thanks for all you do! Don't get bummed or take personally the thoughts of the ungrateful. You rock!

cu4photos said...

Yeah, DJ for governor!!! Or President!!!

Vick Prizma Productions said...

Hey DJ,

Why Even to Bother , your still the best


Corneli said...

Every single time I touch my computer my husband goes like: "David Jay David Jay, David Jay David Jay, David Jay..

He's so jealous!

you rock, your my hero and example (but you are nowhere close to my husband :)


Daniel J. Watkins said...

DJ who?

Ahhh...just kidding old buddy! :)

Keep up the good work!

(BTW -- only $5,000? That's not bad considering you "don't advertise!")

Unknown said...

Just admit it, DJ. The wedding photography world has passed you by and you have nothing more to offer, nothing more to say. The truth hurts, I know. Sorry I had to be the one to tell it straight.

"Glory Days, yeah they'll pass you by, Glory Days, in the wink of a young girl's eyes, Glory Days, Glory Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays"

Keep your head up, man. Tom Petty didn't look that bad at the Super Bowl. Bob Dole could still run for president. Larry Bird, Robert Parrish, and Kevin McHale have started shooting together again. Heck, I even heard Stryper's back in the studio.


mary jane said...

OSP wouldn't even exist without you! Silly people! xo

Lisa said...

I've never met you and I don't think that! It would be nice to hear YOUR advice more often on OSP, but everyone is busy and most people understand that.

Btw, I thought OSP stood for One Special Place lol.

kentnish said...

i think that they are arrogant for posting such comments. well moreso blockheaded if anything. DJ even if i dont see posts directly from you, in a sense i still feel your presence in osp whenever i'm on there.

you;ve created a wonderful resource, and i wish that more people on osp and around the world could be kinder and more wholehearted like yourself. thank you, for being you dj.

Lifeprints said...

You ROCK! In fact, I just saw your picture on Dane's blog form when y'all went out to dinner. Here's my response... "It stinks that all you cool people are in California!!! I’m totally on the other side of the country. What a fun (and smart) group y’all are–just wish I could make it to WPPI to soak up all of y’all’s (only a southern girl can use two apostrophes in a word-lol) advice! You need to plan a training weekend or something with all of y’all there. I’d be there in a heartbeat!" Just a thought... =)

Marie Moyers said...

Well, generally those that are quick to criticize lack experience.

As a business owner I hear from customers how I must be raking in the doe since they know the price of 1 ***** is only $**** and here I am selling it for $****. I know that they have never been a business owner, and there fore do not understand all that is involved in setting that price.

Same goes here... those that are criticizing you obviously have had a schedule, or responsibilies such as yours. Never mind them.

Thank you for all that you do giving back to all of us. Thank you for the forum that is a great place for us to meet and share.
I appreciate it. :)

Marie Moyers said...

Add to the above comment this correction:
" obviously NEVER had "

|| davidjay || said...

Super encouraging to hear from all of you here and on the forum! Thanks for all the love and support!

Anonymous said...

OSP and GET Free are both worth money. Start charging and the jerks will disappear

Unknown said...

Well said. I can't believe people think that it even would be humanly possible to all that you do (which has been huge blessings for everyone you encounter it seems) AND read every single post on OSP. :)

Missy said...

It stinks that people can be so critical. Even though I'm just usually lurking around, you are a great source of inspiration and I appreciate what you do!