Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chicago Shout Out!

A quick shout out to my 2nd home and 2nd family here in Chicago! :)

I'm just flying through and only in the airport for an hour and unfortunately I am going to somewhere just as cold. It's super snowy and white here which is fun to look at but not good for me battling a cold.

I'll come back when it's warmer! :) From the looks of my webcam it looks cold in SB too.


Michael + Anna Costa said...

It's extremely foggy here, but not cold. Have fun in the airport!


kennykimdotcom said...

DJ you should've called! I could've brought you dunkin donut and chicago's very own polish hot dog!

jamiedelaine said...

Wow, that's a beautiful shot. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Chicago and I'm finally headed there this summer for 4 weeks! :) I love the snow, it totally changes a landscape.

Deyl said...

finally the webcam is back!

Lifeprints said...

I'll be in Chicago for a conference at Willow Creek (I work on the Children's Ministries Team at my church) the end of April. Any suggestions for great "photog" places? Thanks! =)

Annemarie said...

Oh, no, no, no!! I'm headed to Chicago tomorrow and I was hoping that it's be warmer - despite what the weatherman says!! What a beautiful photo of the city (this will be my first time there), but my fingers are crossed that what I pack in a small carry on will keep me warm enough for the weekend!!

theshotshot. said...


how long will you be in ohio man? maybe my wife and i can buy you dinner! what do you think???

let me know!


|| davidjay || said...

Hey Nate! I gotta pass but thanks so much for the invite. I'm just in town tonight and then headed out straight away after my gig tomorrow to Germany.

Shannon said...

I'm sad that you were in Chicago and I didn't see you. It sounds like you were barely here though. When will you be coming back? Greg and I would love to have you come visit. Let me know. :)

theshotshot. said... prob.

we'll get you next time.


Tina Jean said...

Hey let's us all know when you are back in Chicago, it's still cold here in mid March, but it is in the 40's and hopes of 50's tomorrow. The snow is finally gone, it seemed like it wouldn't end this year. Hope to see you when it gets warm and sunny!