Monday, February 04, 2008

Encouragement is great! Thank you all so much!

From time to time I like to go around on Technorati or other tools and search for conversations about me. I dunno... sometimes I find people saying mean things and sometimes they say nice things and of course both types of feedback can be used to improve but positive posts do so much more than that. So thank you thank you thank you to all of you! It means so much to read posts like these and I love all of you and I hope our paths cross (again) soon.

Reading things like what Keri Schimpf just posted last night really drives me and motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing even when I'm exhausted and don't feel the passion that I really have inside of me.

Click here to read the post.

And Alli Gaulin post as well and I always love collecting the pictures from everyone off their blogs!

And you guys can see that I'm sporting a Tom Brady jersey which was a gift from Christine and Richard McGarry!

I wore it all day but now I have my Giants Jersey kidding!

I even found this funny post from my friend Anna Costa saying she feels tongue-tied when she talks to me! lol... I don't think she does but it was funny to read that. Her and Michael always have the coolest things going and I love getting together with them because Michael and I always harass each other about Film/Digital and other photo things and then Anna and I talk business!

And my new friend Andre Valenzuala who came out to the Freedom and Slumber Party a couple of weeks ago! ...and who's Giants just pulled out a great win in the Superbowl so props to them!

...and it was super cool to hear from Corey Hage who was also at the Freedom and Slumber Party and how he immediately went home and went part time at his job and booked three weddings! So awesome! I think the wedding inquires actually came in while he was at the Freedom and Slumber Party but it proves how when we commit ourselves to things we always get results!

And I found this post from a photographer Dror Eyal in South Africa who came across my videos on YouTube.
Thank you again!



Jim Cook said...

Just so you don't get a big head:

You Suck.


.Alli.son. said...

You make such a huge impact on the lives of so many people. I am so proud of you.


Corey Hage said...

DJ, I don't think I could/can say thank you enough for how you have invested into my life. I know many others feel the same way!

Our paths WILL cross again soon!! In the mean time blessings on you.


Sweet Whispers Photography said...

the pleasure is mine my friend :) and when you come back I'll have to bring you to where Good Will Hunting was filmed! haha... no hurry back - We need more DJ out here!!

Hugs and many thanks,
Keri :)

Sweet Whispers Photography said...

*** NOW hurry back - type much?! sorry!

Myndi Bogdanovich said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday! Melissa Jill said you were a great mentor, but that really is an understatement. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself- personally and professionally. You are a gift to those of us who are eager to learn- I was up until 2AM last night downloading the ShowIt software and creating my first slide show, which is now on my Blog- what a GREAT tool!! Thanks again and many hugs to you!

Daniel J. Watkins said...

I get all tongue tied when I talk to you too...when I talk about you...when I think about you...

Jim Cook said...

TMI dan!

Allison said...

David, what a cool surprise it was to see the picture of you, Megan and I on your blog! Who hoo- too cool! Anyway, I came to your blog to let you know that I was lurking around Open Source today and read some of your conversations, and I was so flippin stoked to see SCRIPTURE being quoted there, and your pastor's podcasts, and I was even more stoked to find out that you are a guy who knows Christ. I wanted to tell you, I could tell. I left that Holiday Inn feeling that still small voice of a Spirit who first encouraged me to do what I do. I felt a fire in my bones again to create for the sake of another. I feel priveleged to have met you.

Andres said...

Jim is hilarious!!! :)

Michael + Anna Costa said...

Okay, now I'm really tongue tied AND embarrassed!! (this won't make the next time we hang out awkward, right?)

richard mcgarry said...

David you rock, it was a great seminar.

I went out and bought a 14 inch Westinghouse Digital Picture Frame ($300) at Bestbuy along with their idot proof service plan. We are going to display our wedding images on it at an upcoming bridal faire(we will also use it at our weddings instead of our laptop computer).

I used showitweb to resize the images to 1280 by 800 which saved me alot of time.

We also came up with new digital wedding packages and will be offering the brides digital images on the new Apple IPOD Touch.

We can not wait to see how our brides will respond to these new packages.

It had been a year since I last saw at the RI PPA show and you have some really great new material and ideas to this year at the NH PPA seminar, thanks again.


kennykimdotcom said...

In the words of William Wallace:


Just felt like saying that. :)

Kevin Sturm said...

So many people can't be wrong.

Anyone who wants others to be successful more than they want to be successful will always be successful.

Dane Sanders said...

All these are so great. I keep hearing your workshop was amazing.

Stoked you highlighted Keri too. She's so sweet.

Can't wait to hang soon my man.

Mike Larson said...

DJ, you are inspiring a whole new generation, again. good job

MattDJ said...

WOW, sounds like so many of us missed out on an awesome seminar! I'm seeing it all over the web!!! Did you film it for Freedom Clubbers?

Keep doing what you do DJ. I can't tell you enough how much of an inspiration you are.

PS: Baby DeJesus is just over 1" big now!!! :-)