Tuesday, February 26, 2008

David Brenot is rocking!

I just got an awesome email from David Brenot who came to my first workshop in France last year. He is now taking the French photography scene by storm! Some of the photographers in Paris and Lyon kept saying that French people won't pay much for wedding photography but I knew they would if somebody would just step out from the pack and try!

It takes BELIEF in order to create the confidence required to be successful and I'm so amped for David!

Here's a picture of him and I from his blog last January!

He also just started a forum for French photographers to share knowledge! Awesome!

Click here to check it out! and David will be here in the U.S. later this year will be shooting a wedding with me and some other photographers so I know he's looking forward to meeting some of you!


Unknown said...

Hi there,
I'm so happy to know DJ and David Brenot and here, in France, the things are to change... David and me work together and we try to bring something new in wedding photography in France and in Europe and it's start to change.

My best fees for a wedding in 2008 : $ 8400 !!! Incredible !!!! 2008 will be great, thanks DJ !

3 David, it's rock :) !!!!!

l* davidbornais *l
Photographe de mariage - French Wedding Photographer

[ davidbrenot ] said...

Woaw !!! thank you so much David !
It's great to see me on your blog ;-)

I'm in California in August, and i try to find a wedding shoot for the 11 to the 26 august !!!

If you have proposals, wedding in double, French customers in USA, thank you for your assistance !!!

I'm so exiting to be able to come shooter a marriage with you DJ ; -)

For any people how doesn't know me :

I'm a French Wedding Photographer, i'm leave in Burgundy (France) . I'm a photographer since 1996, but I live photography of wedding since I met DJ.

I sell my first "BIG" wedding last years in France for
a german couple for 14 000 $ .
(thank's DJ ;-)

you can see the pictures here

This year starts very well since I leaves in New Delhi for an amazing wedding in 15 days.. see my blog to see that !!!

Thank you so much, and see you soon everybody !

your French wedding photographer

Rodolfo Arpia said...

That's awesome dude!

It's great that he started the forum in French too... more great things are going to come his way I'm sure!

David Leung said...

Does it help to be named David too? :) If so, I'm in the money!! lol Congrats David.. I wish the best success for everyone... including non-Davids ;)

Corneli said...

That's great, people in Holland don't pay much either.. its about time wedding photographers in Europe start charging more.

This is really good for David Brenot!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should come to Houston and give us a lesson or two so we can make the big bucks too.

Or maybe you can have a contest for a third shooter for the incredible wedding you will be doing together...or maybe you could just pick me!!!

Thanks for sharing and way to go Double Davids.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! I had no idea you did workshops in Europe!! Are you planning to do them again? Maybe in Spain? ;-) I would die for a workshop with you.


|| davidjay || said...

I'll be in Germany next week! :)

Unknown said...

Ooooohhhhh!!! Could you please let us know the next time you get that close? Attending to any of your workshops It would be a dream come true!!!
All the best, David :-)