Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Memories -> Change

I got a new book yesterday and read a great quote in it.

"Part of a quality life, part of true success is learning to appreciate and consider the emotional struggles of our neighbors. This gives us a greater sense of gratitude for our own lives, even for our own struggles." - Anthony Robbins

We all know that emotions are the fuel of our lives and almost everything we do is in pursuit of some type of feeling. One of the quickest ways to change our emotions is to think about things we appreciate or experiences that have shaped us. This month I gave a quick chat on ProPhotoResource about how to instantly create emotions in order to change the experiences we are having. I do this be recalling memories and it's fascinating how well it works. Check it out!


Ginger Murray said...

I hope you two get to play tennis sometime soon. It's good fun.

Is that a projected clock on the wall?? WAY cool.

Gary Fong, Author said...

does anthony robbins have a new book out?

Matt Brandon said...

David, Jeff Liverman pointed me in your direction. I have enjoyed poking around site. A lot of good stuff here. I hope you all can welcome a old Travel-NGO Photographer? I don't shoot wedding, never had the courage. Oh, by the way I love what I have seen your your software as well. Cool stuff.

Marie Moyers said...

"forgiveness is inner peace that is found by changing yourself, not the people who hurt you."